the lightest 6in

By matthew saigon on Oct 21, 2020

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what's the point of this ? i don't know. i already have fpvcycle 2203 motors. i bought a frame designed by Alexandre Arvinte and some props. and here it is The Lightest 6in quad hahhaa
155g without battery.
i think 2203 is the lightest that can spin 6in props.

true is, i've never had a 6in quad before, so why not.

you can add 10g-15g to have a nice canopy for it.
Add an inta360 and have fun.

Two 6in props to use: Avan 6in and the lightest APC 6in. ( i can't remember their name. APC has a few 6in props and they're all named APC. just pick the lightest one )
and any APC 5.5in or 5.1 or 5.2 props.

i don't know how to tune but just move PD slider from default until you satisfy with it. ( betaflight 4.2.x )
Also, i use thrust_linear = 50
i cut the top 20% of throttle because i have no use for it. but don't cut it if you don't want to.

Note: i forgot to use 14awg wires ( i'm using 16awg wires ) for battery lead. so don't be an idiot like me hehehe

on 4s it cruises around 15-20%.



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DT250g   9 days ago  

Nice work. Who cut your frame?

matthew saigon   9 days ago

DT250g   9 days ago 

cool, I like them. What's the frame weight and how many mm thick? Your build and the new 6" props I'm seeing are motivating me to take my 5" 2S 21700 250g build and go for a 2S 18650 6".

matthew saigon   8 days ago 

5mm thick, 34g. and HQ Prop 6x3.5 Fiberglass Props are the better for this setup. very light and low pitch. durability is very low, they're old.

virtual_stephen   Oct 22, 2020  

Another interesting build. I am constantly surprised that you aren't burning out motors with the huge props on modest motors. How do you know when it's gone too far???

matthew saigon   Oct 22, 2020 

experience helps a lot. and also careful check for signs. and calculating and faith 😁

i have a lot of experience with small motors. and you can just scale them up. they're all the same. if you have a lot of experience with big motors you can just scale it down.

With a new setup you check for signs. fly Line-of-Sight, arm it, raise throttle a bit, see how it flies, bring it down, check motors, raise throttle a bit more, and repeat the process. see how the quad behaviors helps too. like does the quad struggle to lift off, punch out, or to turn.

Calculating: do research, see what the closest setups have like motor size, prop size, weight, and how they fly. there are classes for each size and the all about the same, ultralight weight, light weight, medium weight, heavy weight, super heavy weight ( i just make up those classes to put them in categories and it makes it easier for me )
Moving up in prop size also needs moving up in motor size. you stare at pictures of props and motors together soon you'll have some ideas.

Faith: 2203 motors are new motors. you don't know what they can take. but you see 2204 videos from someone and they spin 6" props just fine and that setup is medium weight. so you take a leaf of faith and build very light weight 2203 6" setup. and repeat the initial process above.
I've rarely burned motors, but i have my fair share of failures. sometimes motors are too small and it can barely move. for example, i've tried 2203 with gf6042 and those props are too much for 2203, so i didn't like it. well, i don't like most 6" props for 2203 also. they're made for much heavier setups. but then i don't have much choice for 6in props, so i just picked the best possible for 2203 motors.

lol i talk too much.

virtual_stephen   Oct 22, 2020 

Thanks for the explanation. Not talking too much - valuable insight. I'm considering the megabat myself so will try to put some of what you described to use.

Tyrdle   Oct 22, 2020  

are those props upside down? lol

matthew saigon   Oct 22, 2020 

lol no, they're right-side up. but both sides of the blade look about the same. i wonder if people can fly 3d with them.
i know they're right-side up because there's only one right way to put them on. if you have those APC props you'll see.

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