By Mr Chaos on Nov 12, 2020

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Here is my first 6S build.
The only issue i had was that i couldnt fit the capacitor ( 50v 1000uf) to the back of the quad as there is no space with this frame and the Dji air unit. also i could not rotate the ESC as it connects directly to the FC. i couldnt rotate the FC as i did not had a long wire to attach the air unit to the FC. it was a bit annoying but sorted it with wiring the capacitor to the pads with awg 20 wires and putting in front behind the camera.
im not that much good at soldering but it turned alright and it works fine for me ( at least for now) those damn pigtail wires are hard to solder. ugh

Ooo wow, I just noticed it myself :) 420 ;)

The weight without the battery and gopro comes to exactly 420 Grams, happy coincidence
I will give both Ethix P3 and HQ 51413 a try to see which works better for me.

Update: The ESC poped a fet and one of the motors smoked, changed the ESC to Mamba F60 Pro which is amazing for its value. After i did the continuity test i plugged the battery and the capacitor popped, i dont know why but changed the cap and all is good now.



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