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By M490fpv on Oct 26, 2020

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I have built quite many cinewhoops: 2 Taycans, 2 Squirts, 2 Bumblebees, Megabee HD, Kopis cinewhoop, Ethix Cinerat, IFlight DC3....
Now i wanted to see, what i can get out of super cheap Reptile Cloud 149 frame. I paid about 32USD of it.

I started with drilling the duct mounting holes in the frame to 3mm, since orginal ducts are pure crap and i wanted to design my own curved shape ducts that attach with M3. Next i painted the frame to tan color with acrylic paint.
I designed new 22mm tall very light curved shape ducts. I still am not happy and propably make another version. Current one is V4. Ducts have a hole for M3 lock nut.
Next i designed a Cinerat style cam cage to bring the fpv camera forward. I used 25mm standoffs in this build, instead of original 30mm.
I also remixed a Vista antenna mount from Dave_C_FPV's mini long range design. GoPro Hero 7 mount is remixed from my Apex GoPro mount and printed with black/tan colors.

I used a really nice looking and beefy Diatone Mamba 1606 2700kv motors on this build. They will propably give more than enough power! :)
Assembly was really easy, since i use the DJI radio with this quad. Very little soldering. I installed the vista with USB port facing back, so i can access the usb simply removing the antenna mount. Fc's USB is accessible between the ducts.

Build weights now 284g without GoPro and LiPo.
After it stops raining here, it is time to test... :)


Part List


Reptile CLOUD-149 149mm 3Inch Frame Kit ABS Carbon Fiber for RC Drone FPV Racing (9 builds)

Flight Controller

Iflight SucceX-D Mini F7 TwinG Stack (Mini F7+40A ESC)


4 x Moteur Diatone Mamba 1606-2700KV Racing


GEMFAN D76 Cinewhoop Props (4pcs)

FPV Transmitter

Caddx Vista Nebula Micro Kit V2
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