By Kstone on Oct 27, 2020

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Today I've managed to get my 3D printable whoop up and flying!

10-31-2020 : The .STL is now listed on Thingiverse I've updated the files to remove the need for the Runcam-Nano camera adapator (its now 14 mm wide vs 19 mm), made the area for the motor wiring a bit wider and added two zip-tie locations (right & left side) to strap the battery plug to the frame.

The concept...

  • Simple, Completely 3D printable using PLA @ 0.2 mm resolution
  • Under 200 grams (151g with 4S-450 mAh battery)
  • Full prop guards
  • xx04 to xx06 motors size (Currently using 1106 Schrubkraft-4500kv)
  • Intergrated FC & VTX
  • Overall a cheep to build quad ($150 or less depending on parts sourced)

Sure there are lighter, fast better drones out there but this one I made for fun.

Please note: Added the plot responce from the maiden flight. P-Term looks a bit too high but it flew really nice just using the BF defaults.

Youtube Video of 1st Acro flight. It did really well despite it being very windy outside:

Its quite possibly under proped as I didnt see the current go above 10 amps the entire flight. Either that or the current calibration is out of spec.



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Kstone   Oct 31, 2020  

Added link to Thingiverse .STL files

Kstone   Oct 31, 2020  

Added a few more photos.

Jodie Froster   Oct 27, 2020  

Woah! This thing is awesome looking! It reminds me of that BNF you can get, the FUS111. I love that so many probs with current frames can easily be solved with this move to a 3d printed frame! The fastener customization possibilities! You can just make a custom mount for ANY board you can fit in there, so awesome!!!!!
Why not just make the cam mount narrower, I see you used an adapter there?

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Kstone   Oct 28, 2020 

Added a video from one of the flights.

Jodie Froster   Oct 29, 2020 

So I have printed a 3" frame in PETG and had it fly well. Used Dave_C's starfish design.

Kstone   Oct 29, 2020 

This 5" one ?

I'll upload the Simplex 3" frame sometime tomorrow for you to experiment with.

Kstone   Oct 28, 2020  

Apparently my current scale was way too high. Should be 210 but it was set at 400 from the BF defaults.

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