Marmotte 6S

By Dalla_fpv on Oct 28, 2020

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Here is my firts build!

Building a drone for the first time was exiting and scary. i never soldered before so i did not know what to expect. But in the end everything worked out.
The only problem that i had was that my Rxsr would not bind to my remote. The trick was to flash it to a older version and now everything works fine!

Frame: Armattan Marmotte
Stack: Mamba F722s
Motor: iFlight XING 2306 1700kv
VTX: Rush Tank v2
Receiver: FrSky RXSR
Cam: RunCam Phoenix 2
Props: HQProp 1x3. 1x3 / 1.4. 1x3
Antenne: Foxeer Lollipop
Battery: Ovonic 6S 1000mAh 100c

Without battery: 375g
With 1000mAh 6s: 547g

Instagram: dalla_fpv

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DrMacca   16 days ago  

This is an absolutely GORGEOUS build. Honestly, fantastic stuff - from the colour coordination to just how neat and tidy everything is (love the motor wires coming from under the ESC and then out to the pads) and like everyone else said - kickass photos too! Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work!

Dalla_fpv   15 days ago 

Thanks, i really appreciate it! :)

techguy1623   Nov 01, 2020  

Nice Rig! Amazing Images too.

Jodie Froster   Oct 29, 2020  

Those are some great looking photos!!! I bet that build is killer too!

Crafted Kwads   Oct 28, 2020  

goddamnnnn those photos are good. That right there looks like a professional build not a first build! whats your photobooth setup like?

Dalla_fpv   Oct 29, 2020 

Thanks :D

K1R   Oct 28, 2020  

photos too sexy! perfect color accents

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