KinFPV Theory || 6s || Dji || Flows 1850kv

By Weenis on Oct 29, 2020

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Custom Theory frame by KinFPV (instagram @Kinfpv)

Such a fun build using the KinFPV Theory HD frame. Design of this frame is based off of a squashed X 5" freestyle frame. (will also fit 5.1" props)

Being thats this is a squashed X frame, things were a bit tight, but thoughtful places for everything to have a home. 3d prints included GoPro mounts, arms protectors, fpv cam mount, Dji air unit caddy, antenna mounts and landing pads. This was printed using Sainsmart filament in black and gold.

This design has a center stack that will take 30x30 or 20x20 and another 20x20 in the rear. For my setup I have the Dji at the rear with an iFlight Succex-D F7 TwinG Mini FC with a T-Motors Pacer P50A. I had use a stack adapter to stack the 20x20 FC on top of the 30x30 ESC. Tight, but perfect! (Parts transplanted from my Darkside Glide as the frame was destroyed)

For motors, I threw on some Newbeedrone Flows 2306 1850kv, as I had to get the Crazy 8 motor deal! They're not the greatest motors, but they definitely perform unexpectedly well for the price. Rocking these motors with Ethix S5 with that 4" pitch goodness.

My FPV cam and GoPro are at a 25 degree tilt.

Note: This is not a light weight rig whatsoever, but it is one of my favorite freestyle setups to toss around. It sits at 866g with a CNHL Black Series 1300mah + Gopro Hero 7 Black.

Raw Footage

A one pack edit



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