nightLife (pusher)

By BUDLoNG on Nov 08, 2020

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This frame is very robust, but i have to take off one duct to get to the usb.... thats a super duper pain in the ass. In order to get to the guts its at least 8 bolts. This is not a tinker friendly frame but it looks dope and is tough-ish :) I had to drill holes in the ducts to accomodate my motors shaft and clips. Other than that no other 'adjustments'. I had some FC issues, and since I have no grass in my backyard, some abuse was taken. A few falls from height cracked one of the ducts. It comes with 4 replacements but I need to paint it :)

I did not want to hassle with resoldering the motor, so I cut out the broken frame area for easy release, and on the new duct, I cut a slice in the plastic so i could bend it up a bit, slide in the wires, close it and apply a tiny bit of superglue (2 pics below)

I fixed my fc issues. Turns out i had my idle throttle rpm way to low and I was stalling and failsafing on flips. All good now :)

i had an xm+ in here but after i zipper up the frame the first time the receiver decided to crap out and not allow me to bind. It just flashes red. I pulled the archer m off another build so I could get in the air.
rx and vtx are both double sided taped to the top shelf of my stack ( a custom plastic brace / led diffuser ). I have a similar plate on the bottom to protect the FC from impacts.
only two leds this time :)
I lost 3g from ditching my hex head bolts and using the supplied phillips ones.

This camera allows me to fly at night and I can see amazing in low light, but i cant see in no light. I wanted to add some leds to brighten up the dark spots. I might have gone a little overboard... I added 4 more leds and a buzzer... and gained 6g.

I bought another xm+ and replaced the archer m+. I thought to myself, hey why not flash my xm+ to 2.1.0....dont do it.. it seems my rssi is worse than the archer m. I decided to solder on a camera connector so I can flash whenever I want in the future without having to unsolder or pull anything out. worked out very well :) running old firmware now and rssi is where i would expect it to be.
I went with the stock antenna layout, but i imagine that lower antenna is gonna get destroyed from concrete landings.

~3min on 2s 450
~4min on 2s 550



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