Toothpick 3 (TP3)

By mouseFPV on Nov 13, 2020

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The purpose of this build is to be lightweight and fly well. Supposed to replace my Tinyhawk 2 Freestyle in the fleet. something I can fly around my house, from inside my house, in the winter and rip parks with in the summer. I went with the ultra light VTX and seperate onboard DVR, that way if I want to cut weight I can pull the DVR and if I want to record some flights I can pop it back in, since its plug and play.

I have 3s 450's that I will mainly fly, however the plan is to also reuse my 2s gnb 450s from the TH2FS for some more chill flights.

Getting after it:

Latest build:

11/28/20: The Latest Flight is the current itteration, about 100 or so packs, 2 arms, 2 top plates, a ton of props, a camera, a vtx, and 1 motor in. Flying great am im driving it hard. Will be upgrading to Ghost in the next few weeks.

Night Flight



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billisminimus   Aug 21, 2022  

my diatone mamba f4 took a crap after having many fun flights, i ordered a new one but its the updated version and have had nothing but trouble between it having runaway issues to finally getting pid to hover for a short time. needless to say nothing like the old one.... at this point now i think the new one is dead after multiple tries so im ready to get a new flight controller but why is the new one your using so pricey? i wish i could just have my old one back! it still powers up but something on the board burnt so one motor isnt spinning really...

mouseFPV   Feb 25, 2021  

Update: as of 2/1/2021 the flight controller was changed from a mamba board to the 40a Goku. The Mamba board died after a catastrophic crash.

Leandro   Jan 26, 2021  

Hi, can you share your betaflight config file and version? For rpm filter and pid tuning...

mouseFPV   Jan 26, 2021 

hey! so I blew up my flight controller, so I dont have a PID dump, however I basically used this My p:d gain slider is at 1.3, and my filter sliders are at 2.0, is the only difference. I also use less FF (.9) with an FF transition of .5, and a few other things, but I fly the 4.3 nightlies.

mouseFPV   Nov 20, 2020  

as of 11/20 I have switched to the Foxeer Toothless2 Starlight. Not becuase I didnt like the runcam, but because I broke the runcam.

I will say, the runcam Pheonix2 nano had the worst wire harness I have ever seen on a camera. Hard plasitc wires, super thin, very fragile. Also, the lens was WAY to long, stuck out of the canopy, which led to its ultimate demise.

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feej   Jan 08, 2021 

You were so right about the length of the Phoenix lens 😬

mouseFPV   Jan 08, 2021 

oof. did yours break too?

feej   Jan 09, 2021 

It's still hanging on, just. Chipped a bit of the lens housing off though, and I can't see it making it through the winter.

mouseFPV   Dec 27, 2020  

As of 12/23 I switched to the Ghost System and have an Atto instead of the xm+

DrMacca   Dec 13, 2020  

Sweet build and great flying too! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

mouseFPV   Nov 27, 2020  

11/27 switched to the NamelessRC D400 VTX/dvr combo. Fits better and less weight overall. Also added arm braces to keep them from breaking. AUW is about the same.

mouseFPV   Nov 13, 2020  

Will be uploading the maiden shortly

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