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By Topher on Nov 14, 2020

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I bought a caddx tarsier used off ebay some months ago and have wanted to use it in a build. I only fly small quads and have a collection of 3S batteries, so i wanted the build to use these. I thought about getting one of dave_c's frames cut but never got around to it. Then the explorer lr came out, but it seems much more suited to 4S. Along with that came the seemingly efficient new flywoo motors. I was poking at banggood and saw this frame made for the vista system. It can mount whoop style boards as well as 16x16 stacks and looked like it might fit the tarsier. Plus banggood=inexpensive, sometimes. So I ordered up the parts: a cheap aio board, smaller 1204 5150kv motors. {March 2021- some parts have changed: the motors are fpvcycle 1303, they spin gemfan 3016 three blade props, and I'm using the immersionrc ghost system} I had most of the other parts.

The build is pretty straightforward. The tarsier camera mounts where the vista camera would go as long as you leave out one of the horizontal standoffs. It needs the 7cm ribbon cable, at least. It won't tilt any closer to level without both tugging the cable and bumping into another standoff, but it is at a fine angle for my purposes. I have another cinewhoop for slow flight if I want.

The flight controller/esc board is fine and unremarkable. Any would work, I suppose. In the future I might look for one with more uarts for a GPS. I flashed it with JESC 48KHZ firmware and the latest betsflight. I think I'm running the stock PIDs and slightly reduced filtering with no issues.

As mentioned, I want to use 3S batteries, so was looking for a higher kv and 3" props, so 12p4 seemed like the right size. So far I think they're good. I'm switching to a three blade prop next.

I put the VTX up on the top behind the battery. It may be a terrible idea; we shall see. It isn't the one I intended to use. I had a rush tiny tank but apparently burned it out powering it up without an antenna.. I had the TBS unify pro kicking around and hooked it up to test fly while ordering a panda vtx. It won't fit in the stack area so went where it did. I think I'm goint to leave it for now.

I really like the flywoo atomic antennas; I have three on quads now. They're pretty cheap, they are pretty long so they mount up and away from the quad, and they seem to work fine.

I only have a few minutes of flight on the quad as yet, and can't claim to be more than an average pilot, but I think this quad does what I was looking for. It is capable of 6-8 minute flights using 550mah batteries and can manage the modest freestyle I am capable of, the occasional split-s and power loop, as well as zipping around trees and such. Here is a short video of a first few flights.




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