revised 1s 4in build

By matthew saigon on Nov 13, 2020

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Finally, I got a new 1s board from Bob Roogi to make this build possible.
Other than that, the setup is still the same with minor changes.
i use 1s 850mah-1100mah with 16awg wires.

There is not much available to try for this setup. So if something comes up in the future, i'll rebuild it again.

Weight: 56gram dry
Frame: i chopped up some frame to get it. but i'm sure you can find a light 4in frame. mine is 7g, but 9g-11g should be more durable.
Controller board: it's not out yet, but soon.
Camera: Caddx Ant Lite
VTX: pandaRC 14x14 VTX
Propellers: LDARC 450x airplane propellers
Motors: Brotherhobby 1402 9500kv
Batteries: 1s 850mah-1100mah with at least 16awg wires

i don't know how to tune, so my PID is ok, not good.
I use RPM filters.
I use whoops preset from here.
then use PID in the picture.



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fw42   1 day ago  

Looks super cool. How do you like it compared to your 2S 4"? Which one do you prefer? Looks like they are about the same AUW.

matthew saigon   1 day ago 

2s has more power. but don't build this. this is just for fun. when there is something better for this setup i would come back and rebuild this.

Knockout3DFPV   18 days ago  

how well do the props stay on with the nylon screws? I love the idea of using them instead of regular screws :)

matthew saigon   18 days ago 

i don't take much risk, so it's ok for me.
they're not very durable. try titanium screws instead. they're light and durable enough.

SquishinStix   20 days ago  

love it - what's the all up weight and flight time?

matthew saigon   20 days ago 

56g dry + 33g batt = 89g auw.
flight time is about 4-5min and you can see it in the video.

SquishinStix   20 days ago 

89g on 4" props?! is it SUPER quiet?

matthew saigon   20 days ago 

yup super quiet. but all 1s setups are super quiet.

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