Shendrones THICC

By MisterKappa on Nov 14, 2020

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Shendrones THICC Build
Very clean since the matek FC has two separate 8 pin connectors... one for each 4in1 ESC.
The DJI air unit is powered by the FC (a connector is present also for this). The onboard BEC is rated for 8v and 2amps.
I'll add a GPS with a 3d printed mount probably in the back using the back top plate screws and an additional landing gear in the front to avoid problems during the landing.. since a lot of weight is in the front side.



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oliverandc   Jul 11, 2023  

Why not plug in the RX3 and Current wires?

dario_marroquin   Oct 06, 2022  

Very nice build! I just made one with a friend and we are having trouble with a motor. By any chance did you start with the preset of betaflight or did you change any tune or filters? It will help us a lot if it is the esc or a configuration! Thanks a lot man.

madhanvasudevan   Aug 30, 2022  

This is cleanest thicc build even in 2022. Am super excited to built one. The camera mount plate & 3d prints came with frame? It is worth spending extra 110 dollars on camera mount?

MisterKappa   Aug 30, 2022 

Thanks ;)
Yes, that camera mount came with the frame.

Wals_hd   Jul 22, 2021  

I love it, I'm shopping for parts now. Is the BEC what allows to you run 6s with the air unit?

MisterKappa   Jul 22, 2021 

Thanks Wals.. yes the BEC is inside the FC.. so no problem for voltage from 4s to 6s ;)

CoachG27   Mar 01, 2021  

Hi, i'm just a little confused on how you connect the two pig tails together like that? Could you kindly explain?

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CoachG27   Mar 02, 2021 

Hell yeah! That's awesome. okay, last Question i have... what are you using for single battery with that setup and what are you using for dual battery?

MisterKappa   Mar 02, 2021 

I use a single 2200 , or 2 x 1500 always 6S.. battery that I already have ;)

CoachG27   Mar 13, 2021 

hey man, working on this build. I have another question about the battery leads. Do i take the 2 positive leads and solder them together first? Then solder those to the 2 positives on the XT60's or do all 4 leads need to be spliced together first and soldered as one?

Michokh   Mar 01, 2021  

great build man 👍
how did you connect the hobbywing esc to matek fc ? without soldering

MisterKappa   Mar 01, 2021 

the last picture shows how to connect the two hobbywing to the FC.
The hobbywing has a 10 pin connector, the matek has 2x 8 pin connector for the escs.
You need to make 2 cables precisely wired like shown in the latest picture I posted connecting just 6 wire for each connector.

Yuuki   Jan 23, 2021  

hi ! how is it flying ?
no bec for the air unit ?

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Yuuki   Jan 24, 2021 

cause everyone put an external bec to avoid freeze frame

MisterKappa   Jan 24, 2021 

I think the problem of freezes happens when you use vbat and mainly with no cap.
I use the fc bec on other builds and I never had an issue ;)

Yuuki   Jan 28, 2021 


MisterKappa   Nov 30, 2020  

Update: sorted photos and uploaded configuration wiring

Yoo.almo   Jan 22, 2021 

Such an awsome build dood!

Yoo.almo   Jan 19, 2021  

So all we need is one 6s? Or are the 2 xt60 connectors to connect two lipos the same time? Or we don't need the extra plug? I'm a bit confused with the schematic and photos.

MisterKappa   Jan 20, 2021 

SInce there are 2 4in1 ESCs and the 2 power wires are connected in parallel, you can use one or two 6s batteries depending on your needs.

Yoo.almo   Jan 22, 2021 

Thank you for clarifying! I was wondering if that would even work. I though it would short since 2 positive leads where gonna touch. 😮

GamblahFPV   Dec 12, 2020  

Battery recommendation?

MisterKappa   Dec 12, 2020 

6s, from 2000ma to 5000ma I'd say.. depending on your needs

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