FETtec Apex Build

By Peter FPV on Nov 14, 2020

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FETtec F7 FC & FETtec 45a ESC

Skip to 2:32 for flight footage!

Important Information:
Do NOT power FC from esc AND apex regulator. Depin amd remove VBAT and GROUND wires that are at the end of the FC/ESC harness. When using a Regulator Board make sure to power the FC from the regulator only. (I use harness so I can switch between Onewire and Dshot using the GUI.Alt Tag
Alt Tag

Depin Ground wire from harness that leads from regulator to fc. Alt Tag

Ground the FC to the ImpulseRC OSD board (Use Ground pad on GPS side of OSD)
Alt Tag

Also on the ImpulseRC OSD I bridge the vTx Control and Audio Out pads so i can have both Smart Audio and the ability to hear the Audio as well.
Alt Tag
Alt Tag

And here you have a beautiful FETtec Apex!
Alt Tag

Spike Abosrber and Capacitor
For this I used a WaFl cap to place on the capacitor and ran wires from the esc to the spike absorber. Then ran wires from the spike absorber to the WaFl Cap. (MAKE SURE YOU ARE AWARE THAT CAPACITORS HAVE A + and - )



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DoubleJackOnTap   Nov 15, 2020  

The PB&J picture is great!

Peter FPV   Nov 16, 2020 

thanks man! probably my best photo thus far :)

o7   Nov 14, 2020  

Awesome guy! and build!, Peter its one of the most humble and helpful guys i found in this hobby. Awesome job dude

Peter FPV   Nov 14, 2020 

Thanks for the kind word! Really appreciated

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