Glide 5" with DJI air unit

By Martin on Nov 17, 2020

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Update 11/20: I couldn't live with DJI air unit being so tight and the possibility of shorting the ESC or the camera rubbing against the flight controller. Thus, I've switched to Vista. Without battery it now weighs in at 326g. With battery, props and all it now comes in under 500g.

This is the first of two Glide 5" builds. This one is a 4S coming in at 345g without the battery and about 500g with a 4S 1300mAh battery. I designed and printed all the 3D parts you see here. Contact me if you want the .stl files or let me know and I'll try to print them for you. I'm building an almost identical 6S unit to compare flight characteristics and will post here when complete.

The DJI air unit barely fits with the included 23mm standoffs. I may change these to 25 or 30mm if I see wear on the pad between the esc and DJI air unit.

The DJI camera barely fits and is right up against the flight controller, which is another spot that may, eventually, cause a failure.



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Sweebee   11 days ago  

I'm impressed with the weight. Is this the normal Glide? This is mine (383grams).

edit: uploading image doesn't work?

Martin   6 days ago 

I just put up another photo with all the props and nuts on. It came in at about 350g. With an RDQ 1300mAh 4S it's about 500 or 510g.

I've already smashed the camera by hitting a goalpost head on so camera protection isn't that great.

I also fly a Banggod 6" and Source One 5", both are heavier but I guess there's always trade-offs. :)

Sweebee   6 days ago 

thanks, looks the same. my gopro mount is around 20 grams and 2 battery straps are around 10 grams

hilite   16 days ago  

Are the antenna right or left hand polarisation? I am unsure if "R" stands for right-hand or for "Rush" You will need lefthand with DJI AU

Martin   13 days ago 

Good catch but I switched out to vista so all good anyway

Jodie Froster   18 days ago  

What a beautiful build. I think you should go ahead and get those taller standoffs, your battery strap has to go on top of the ol air unit! I know you COULD wrap the strap all the way around the outside of the drone.... but from the looks of things, you aren't that kind of builder :)

Martin   17 days ago 

You are correct on the strap point. I'm shading the battery a little to the back and using an ummagawd grip tape but I don't like the position. I think I'm going to change the standoffs. That will likely add a few grams though.

Jodie Froster   16 days ago 

As a new pilot I can guarantee you will not notice 5-10gr on a drivetrain like this

DrMacca   17 days ago  

Super-clean and tidy build! Great stuff. I love the antenna holders your designed! How sweet are those motors!?! Looks awesome. 👍👍👍

Martin   17 days ago 

Motors are dope. Using the same ones but in 1777kv for the 6S build. I love the look but I know some folks think they're a little too bright. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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