2s 1202.6 8888kv 2.5in

By matthew saigon on Nov 18, 2020

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11/21/20: i have now reduced the weight from 47grams to 39grams, from 2s 650mah to 2s 450mah, raising camera angle from 35 degree to 45 degree. it should feel a lot more power.

11/19/20: my thought on the motors. the 8888kv is too high. it's ok with 2.5in bi-blade props. but tri-blade props would suck a lot of amp.
I think 7500kv should be good. you should clip ( not scale ) the throttle at 80%.

it is for small spaces it has good control. racing around in a tight place and pretend to be a racer LOL

some people might still remember the original Toothpick 2s 1103 65mm props. this one is the same but with better low end control.

47gram dry + 31gram 2s 650mah = 78gram AUW.
you could use 2s 450mah instead.
Important: If you're not going to use prop screws then use countersink bit ( in the picture and i bought it from CNCmadness. a very useful tool ) and drill at the base of the props, so that props can sit on motors without gaps.

note: i'm just a few packs in. i'm still trying to get used to it.

PID tune is good with this one. it's pretty easy to tune.
betaflight 4.2.4 with RPM filters
use UAV Tech's preset (toothpick): https://theuavtech.com/presets/
and then use PID in the picture.

Just practicing, learning to fly better.



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fw42   2 days ago  

How do you think those motors would work on 3"?

matthew saigon   2 days ago 

they work great with 3" props. just need to keep it light.. but i don't recommend 8888kv, it's too high.

fw42   2 days ago 

Do you think the Apex 1202.6 6666KV would work better on 2S 3"? Or would that be too little KV?

matthew saigon   1 day ago 

2s 6666kv 3" is fine. if you're flying 3s 1105/1204/1303 3" props and you think it's too much for your flying area, then 2s 1202.X 3" props is good.

Jodie Froster   16 days ago  

Having built and flown pretty agressively for the last 5 years, the proportions on this lil guy look SO good

matthew saigon   16 days ago 

yeah it flies pretty good. i need to try more 2.5" props to see which one i like most. the new gemfan 2512 props look nice.
and if you have a space for 3" props, it should do good too. give up some control but gain in cruising speed.

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