Ummagawd it's a moon goat 6S HD (moongoat)

By slappyonefpv on Nov 24, 2020

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Ummagawd Moongoat 6S HD build

Split deck design coming in at 577g all in (no GoPro)

Using the Hobbywing 60A ESC here and I hate that the low esr capacitor comes pre-installed. Going to use the one it came with for now but at some point I will replace with 1000W 50V.

This frame was made for the Caddx Vista.

Gemfan 5149 prop, which I absolutley love though they are power hungry. Alternatively you can use Ethix lemon lime S4's for a more tame fliying experience that won't kill your battery.

3D printed Caddx Vista antenna mount is tricky here with the frame only having a single standoff in the rear.

Full send here...



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mojohand   Dec 05, 2020  

Sweet build. Great skills behind the iron.

slappyonefpv   Dec 05, 2020 


Kayleigh_fpv   Nov 29, 2020  

looks like a sweet rig!

solargamer   Nov 25, 2020  

Great job,. Neat and tidy.

ytfidgit   Nov 25, 2020  

Shiny solder joints!! Very nice build.

DrMacca   Nov 24, 2020  

Gorgeous build and the different colored motor wires are just [chef's kiss]. 👍👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥

stewpidazole   Nov 24, 2020  

Very CLEAN build bro!! Where did you get the antenna mount?

slappyonefpv   Nov 24, 2020 

I printed it. DM me and I will send you the .stl or if you need me to print one off for you let me know and I can.

slappyonefpv   Nov 24, 2020  

Forgot to mention and before anyone asks...I had to extend the motor wires as they came from another build so I opted to add come color.

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