Artic White Edition Smooth Operator

By FPV Zone on Nov 29, 2020

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This is our Artic White Edition Smooth Operator Build. These builds all start after a lot of research and we are very specific on what components we use together. Each component is conformal coated down to the receiver before being shrink wrapped and TBS Unify Pros are taken apart moded which we dont talk about and then coated with conformal coating before being put back together. We solder absolutely everyrhing and use no plugs for longevity and dirability. All wires are ran in the best specific places to reduce noise and interference being introduced to nothing along with all are shrink wrapped to keep shape. We do things in a way that cant be completely discussed but the final product is more shock resitant, water resitant and heat resistant. We use all treated hardened metal hardware and yes this adds a small amount of weighy but these are designed to be bando bashers and have plenty of power to rip to an extent most are very surprised.
This frame is a crazy low slammed deck style quad but I was still able to fit all these components in and I did make a slight frame mod to add a small amount of height but still kept this slammed to the max! This is by far one of my favorite frames and these are strong and fly great when built correctly!

Build Components Listed Below:
1.Catalyst Machineworks BangGod frame 5"inch
2.Matek f722 se dual gyro FC
3.Hobbywing 60Amp 4in1 ESC
4.Hobbywing 2207 1750kv 6s motors
5.TBS Unify Pro32 hv Modded
6.Foxeer Predator V5 Mini
7.TBS Crossfire Nano w/immortal T
8.VAS Minion Pro Shorty
9.Misc 3d Printed Parts

Please email with any questions on custom builds or if you have a build you need built or repaired hit us up! We are a complete repair and build shop with a degreed Electronics Engineer Tech which is me the owner and I build and perform all repairs.
Thank You for checking our builds out!



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