Alpine Green BangGod 5

By FPV Zone on Nov 29, 2020

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This was a fun build and really liked how the color came out and hope you all do also! We do a lot of research on all the components we decide to roll with on these builds and most must be used for at the least a month straight buy all of our pilots which defenitly put them through there places. I think the biggest difficulty with this is that bby the time we fly these products and beat them up to make our final decision new products have came out so you will find that some of the components bused are not brand new released components and thats due to the fact what we do choose we are confident that they will give the best experience and be durable. We absolutely love every part of fpv and to me which I am the tech for my own company but I enjoy building and working on these as much as I do flying them. I enjoy the challenge in these harder to build slammed frames and I build them all as if they were muscle cars. I use the full sized components over the smaller options because I want to get the full amount of power and with most parts. When you go with the smaller version you forfeit power also and so I work hard to solve all build challenges I am faced with so that I can run the full size components. Looking at say the TBS Unify Pro32hv for instance. The full size will have an output power from 25mw up to 1watt plus but when you go to the Unify Evo its smaller brother you also go smaller in power and down to 800mw. We also choose to install Crossfire receivers in all builds unless asked to use something else due to the long range capabilities you get with TBS Crossfire and most pilots want to have the option to fly freestyle close proximity but wants to also have the option to shoot out over a hill too which is like us here. I design and build all of our custom rigs in a way that I try to overcome the typical complaints that we as pilots have and so each build I complete is completely coated with conformal coating to reduce and in most cases eliminate water damge but this coating also helps with impacts and reduces the shock of crashes as well as heat. This is a must and we never let a repair or a custom build leave our shop without this being applied. We use a particular shrink wrap we special order on all motor wires over the arms of the quad that is so difficult to cut that we have tested in house a spinning motor at almost full power hitting these with props and have not had one prop cut through this material or even close!

We are fpv people that build fpv products for other fpv people and yes I am a degreed electronics engineer but I didnt do anything with electronics for several years after graduating college until getting into these drones almost 3 years ago now and I have been slowly making the transition to doing this full time which I have been now for some time building this company up to being able to offer great high end products where there are no corners cut when it comes to any part of the design and build procedure. We are currently building these high end rigs for pilots new and seasoned but there is never a change in the final product because you are either going to grow into the quads we build and eventually remove the training wheels or just rip it out of the box but I will guarantee you will not get bored or be looking for more with any of the quads we produce.

Thank You, for checking our page out and hope to see comments and please don't hesitate to contact with any questions or concerns!
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