Diatone Roma 4S (IG giveaway build)

By M490fpv on Dec 14, 2020

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This is my 7K Instagram giveaway build. I will give it to one of my IG followers after I hit 7K followers. Only 185 to go (14.12.2020) :)
Wanted to build the new Diatone Roma F5 frame. It looks relly good and feels really high quality & solid frame.
Only part i don't like on this frame, is the antenna mount, so i remixed a new one and printed it of white Polymaker Polyflex TPU 95A.
I also remixed my own motor soft mount/wire protector and printed it of gray TPU 95A.
These parts are on Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4685226

Tell me what you like?


Part List


Diatone Roma F5 HD - Frame Kit (3 builds)
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Flight Controller

Diatone MAMBA F405 MK2 F50 4-6S Stack
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4 x Accueil
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HQProp ETHIX S5 Cinematic Props (14 builds)
See Site

FPV Camera

Rotor Riot Micro Eagle Pro JB 800TVL FPV Camera - Black (3 builds)

FPV Transmitter

TBS Unify Pro 5.8 Ghz HV - SMA (6 builds)
See Site


Antennes TBS Triumph PRO - RHCP (SMA) (3 builds)
See Site


Récepteur FrSky XM + (SBUS 16 voies) (EU-LBT) (5 builds)
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kwadkenstine   Dec 14, 2020  

So sad im not IG'
Kool build tho

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Kstone   Dec 15, 2020 

Sorry, call me old fashioned but i don't do the social-path media.

Primary reason is that the "services" you use are really using you. No matter what they offer to sweeten it, In todays digital age your the product.

kwadkenstine   Dec 15, 2020 

And this site is different ...how

Kstone   Dec 16, 2020 

For one thing, after coming to Rotorbuilds I don't get bombarded by Ads that follow me as i browse. Which is surprising considering how much of a presence Bang-Good has here. There are other reasons but in short, I've not seen the level of data collection here as i have on other sites. But yeah sure, all sites do it to some extent...

Now as for the Facebooks , Twitters and Instagrams of the world, they're known to be predatory. To the point, where employers, banks, schools and insurance companies will pay browse through your "habits". Thus next time your denied a job, a loan, school placement or healthcare, odds are that Social-Media could be a large part of why.

Worst part of all of this is that this data is trusted as being 100% accurate no matter its source nor can someone see their own data to request a correction. However its perfectly legal for big data companies to profit from this data no matter the direct outcome for everyone else.

SD_AE86   Dec 15, 2020  

So clean, love the antenna/vtx sled

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