35mm prop 1s concept

By onemorepabst on Dec 03, 2020

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This is more of a proof of concept more than anything. Sort of reminds me of my old Leader 120. I wanted to make a real basher since I have mostly hardwood and tile floors. All CF is 2mm thick, and despite using as few components as possible, total dry weight is 27.2g, so a bit heavy. I've changed the design to the CF parts to lighten it a bit and to use 1.5mm side plates, theoretically saving me 2g, not sure if it will be enough weight difference. So for now, not sure how/if i want to progress on this concept.

Using betafpv 1s aio with spi frsky rx and built in vtx. Note in betaflight if upgrading to latest version: After applying custom defaults I had to change gyro alignment to CW 90 flip. Also, documentation on this FC says it has O_L_5 escs, however when connected to Jesc configurator or Blheli configurator the escs identify themselves as O_H_5. I have Jesc 2.3 with rpm filter for O_H_5 escs running on it currently with no issues. Frsky SPI rx is in D8 mode since I was getting dropouts in D16.



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RotorHead   15 days ago  

Steve Irwin would have said: "What a cutie."

Relys   Dec 05, 2020  

Waaaay to heavy. If you're not around 20g for 1s 31mm props you're doing something wrong. If you want to go for looks, I'd recommend 2s on 40mm props so that the thrust to weight ratio isn't destroyed.

onemorepabst   Dec 05, 2020 

Yeah its pretty heavy, i was thinking about changing it to fit 40mm or 2 inch props. Even though this build didnt turn out how i wished, i feel like its still important to share failures in the hopes someone can learn from my mistakes

miromir237   Dec 04, 2020  

It looks so cute.

SlightlyScratchedCorolla   Dec 03, 2020  

This thing is adorable.

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