Ranger- A Modular Foldable mini LR

By XMFPV on Dec 16, 2020

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I have been flying this mini quad for a while. This frame is designed by myself. The ultimate goal is to build a modular mult-function Fpv drone that I can easily bring anywhere.
It has a very small form factor that can be put into pocket when folded. And I made the motor connectors with XT30, that i can swap arm module with remove only one screw per arm. Easily switch a mini 4-inch LR to a cinewhoop or 5inch arm for even more fly time.



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m3sgal   May 04, 2021  

Nicely done. I was looking for builds using MR30/MT30 or folding arms, and found one using both!

Ever had the arms fold on a crash?

An advantage of folding arms is that they are less likely to break on a crash, because they will end up folding when taking a strong hit. It is a disadvantage at the same time, because it will cause imbalance and prop strikes. This is my only concern

XMFPV   Jun 10, 2021 

Yes, arms will get fold in crash, so the con is can't use anti turtle after crash and need to check arms each time before take off.

Quantumphart   Jan 06, 2021  

Super cool! I've been searching for something like this for a while! Any chance we can get the files ^_^

Spairow   Dec 17, 2020  

I love this idea. Do you have trouble with wires wearing out? Do you have to mark which way the motors spin on each arm? I guess you could just look at the prop but maybe for quick changes after a crash. The plug and play interchangeable parts idea looks like a lot of fun to try myself.

XMFPV   Dec 18, 2020 

I use MT30 connectors to plug motors. MT30 connector has only one way to plug in to ensure all the wires are correctly connected.

Spairow   Dec 18, 2020 

awesome thank you for the information.

M490fpv   Dec 17, 2020  

Very innovative concept. I like a lot!!

onemorepabst   Dec 16, 2020  

I really like this, 3 in 1, awesome!

BirdbrainRC   Dec 16, 2020  

What a neat idea, love it!

OptimaZe   Dec 16, 2020  

Very cool! Nice work!

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