MicroBeast 10" V2

By RotorHead on Dec 23, 2020

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4S 10 Inch 2806.5 @1300KV FreeStyleRacer with DJI AirUnit RC/FPV.
Currently flown with HQ 9x5x3 for a fluffy flight experience.
Double P and half i values else stock PiDs from Beta 4.2.
730 gramms AUW - very smooth and silent like a 4" - nice Kwad.


Part List


Freerace 10'' Frame

Flight Controller

SucceX-A F4 40A AIO Board(MPU6000) (9 builds)


4 x BrotherHobby LPD 2806.5 1300KV/1700KV Motor (2 builds)


HQPROP Macroquad Prop 9X5X3 CW CCW (4PCS/2pairs)


Tattu R-Line V3.0 1550mAh 4S 120C LiPo Battery (6 builds)


DJI FPV Remote Controller (Mode 2) (36 builds)


DJI Digital HD FPV Goggles (157 builds)

Misc Parts

DJI Digital FPV Air Unit (197 builds)
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chawks   Jan 05, 2021  

hi man, i was thinking of building a very similar quad to this and i was wondering what the cruising speed and if that aio fc could handle such large motors! looks great fun to fly. thanks

RotorHead   Jan 05, 2021 

Yes, no problem to run these motors with this AiO FC. Created for 6S running on 4S there are not heavy amps. Estimated max speed about 60 to 70 mph which is round around 100 km/h. I like to run 6S setups with larger props on 4S. My 7" setup is similarly a brutal 5" 6S setup. I like it fast, but still smooth and silent.

chawks   Jan 05, 2021 

what would you reckon that the cruising speed is?

RotorHead   Jan 05, 2021 

Depends on how fast you fly, it can even hover lol. maybe 35 mph at 35° pitch. call it square speed ^^

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