Hinterland ++++++++++++++++ BudgetBuild

By VazUbik on Feb 23, 2017

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Going for the cheap build, got some spares parts sitting around, and also all the other parts are ordered with at least 20% off.

The frame looks quite sturdy, but i read afterwards that they don't sell replacement arms bummer, so if you know fitting replacement arms, please tell me.
Also decided to go with separate PDB, although the Omnibus F3 is supposed to work without an extra PDB, but haven't figured out how to get current and voltage reading to the OSD then, any tips appreciated!

Update #1:
I used some spare motors i got sitting around, originally wanted to get 'better' ones, but now the omen is to use the stuff you have around. Coated arms with CA and painted afterwards. It seems the paint won't last, can scratch it off with fingernails ;/
Now i'm and waiting for the PDB to arrive, until then it's wire planning and stuff.

Update #2:
PDB arrived, ESC and Motor soldering done. Hope to finish it today.

Update #3:
Just maidened it in LOS, what a difference to my Racer 250, now i know how fast a punchout can be :)
Betaflight stock PIDs work amazing (at least in angle mode).
Still waiting for the FPV cam.

Update #4:
FPV cam and VTX installed, already had a couple of flights. everything works well sofar.
---->>>> First flips and rolls in horizon mode

GoPro mounted:



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VazUbik   Mar 05, 2017  

Any tips for paint that actually sticks to the frame?

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