2s Indoor Acro Champ!

By Heads on Jan 03, 2021

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The 2s Frankenwhoop
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This thing is a indoor freestyle legend! One of my favorite whoops so far.

Some comments about the build:

It's a pretty straight forward whoop build. The camera wire is very tight the way I have it ran, I wouldn't normally do this, but the canopy is super stiff so i'm not too worried about it moving and snapping. Plus it looks clean.  The motor wires are super long since they were used for a 75mm frame, so I mounted them with the wires facing out and twisted them to avoid having a lot dangling underneath. I normally wouldn't cover the underside of the motors because I like to do wall taps, but the batteries in this build hang the lowest. Lastly, I ran a bead of Welders glue up the back-side of the canopy where it meets the camera and used that glue to hold the vtx antenna with just enough length to sit in the antenna clip on the canopy. 

Additional Notes:
If you like to be an indoor acro basher like me, I'd suggest running a ziptie at the back of the frame where I have. This helps to keep your battery lead from popping off. Make sure to leave some slack on the lead from ziptie to fc.

I also put a dab of liquid electrical tape on the battery lead solder points. 

The 2x1s battery holder I have is originally from BetaFPV. It's 3D printed TPU. Available here: https://betafpv.freshdesk.com/helpdesk/attachments/27019872587

Video of this whoop doing some indoor acro flying:



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