Head's 1s R3DShifters Ion Toothpick

By Infinity Loops on Jan 04, 2021

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This is the R3DWhoop Ion (Zerograv Edition) by R3DShifters https://www.r3dshifters.com/store/p24/www.r3dshifters.com/r3dwhoop-ion.html.html .
Beautiful frame. Incredibly durable.

R3DShifters recommends a dab of glue in between the camera and the camera mounting tabs to prevent jello. I used Blu-Tack and it worked great!

The only issues I ran into with this build was with the camera mount on the r3dshifters frame. It was just a little difficult to get the camera in. Other than that, this was a straight forward build.

Additional Notes:
I'd suggest running a ziptie at the back of the frame where I have. This helps to keep your battery lead from popping off. Make sure to leave some slack on the lead from ziptie to fc.

I also put a dab of liquid electrical tape on the battery lead solder points.

Video of this Toothpick flying and with a short breakdown:



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BaTTaN   14 days ago  

I ordered one of these before Christmas but am still waiting. Hoping I can get one of the new HGLRC Zeuz AIO's to fit in it. Still not sure what motors I'm going to run. I've some Betafpv 1102's and 1103's 1s kv motors and some Newbeedrone Flow 1202.5 1s-2s kv motors laying around to play with.


Infinity Loops   14 days ago 

USPS has been having trouble getting stuff delivered. Understandably. Usually the guys at r3dshifters get us our stuff pretty fast. Hope you get your frame soon. It's really one of my favorites to fly still. Over all my whoops and miniquads. I have been experimenting with a 5" Ion they haven't released yet. It's sub 250g while loaded with a 6s battery. Thing is wild!

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