18650 x 5 x 2204 2300kv, 6"

By kwadkenstine on Jan 05, 2021

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Just another excercise in re inventing the wheel.
Looking back at the brief time i have been a slave to this hobby and to those before , is it possable the hobby has matured enough to become a fation victum.
Because when i started 2204 and 1806 motors were still the go. Then the 4s revolution took hold and 2207 and 2306 motors were IT. After that there was a push for even bigger stators and , 6 s.
But now it seems we are wheeling back arround to the smaller motors and lower c rating batteries.
Packaged slightly diferently , smaller and lighter (Only because of the 250g myth , smaller electronics etc).
So i built this from some of the oldest motors i had 2204 2300kv.
An old but still bl-s esc and the oldest f4 fc i could find , in the bits bin. Also where the frame came from.
I went with 6 in foldies because they are the largest prop i could comfortably fit on the frame i wont name.
The 5s , 1500mah 18650 pack came from the tip . Gotta love the built in 50A fuse sitting on the top Old battery dril pack.
My thinking is like this, build an underpowered KWAD put a 18650 pack on it and see how long i can baby it arround the sky for.
Results to follow , I just finished it and it is like 110 f outside , so no flying today.



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Jayembee67   6 days ago  

Finally got around to reading this post. As ever, nice work, and I do like the juxtaposition of the 1st gen parts and the Vista... ;-) But now you are making me want to go and take those old, old machines out to see how they fly now that I have finally sort-of learnt to fly. Now that I am able to tell, are they actually any good? I am not sure I could face flying on an Eachine FlySky radio though...

Has the furnace abated enough that you have managed to get outside to fly? Any results to share - nothing on the 'Tube yet I note. I'm interested in you longevity experiments.

And yes, those last two photos are just priceless. Although actually really kinda cool looking. There is a distinct Gerry Anderson quality going on there, and that is definitely a good thing! I can see that the Tracy Boys will either ride or rescue that thing at some stage...

kwadkenstine   6 days ago 

Hi , the esc turned out to be bad , hover for 30sec then die, scrounging around for a spare, so when i get it up i will post Still hot but getting better , .
Its all about the esc and fc software , if it can be upgraded / flashed , it should fly just fine , otherwise ...

Madcatmike3d   9 days ago  

Haha I break down a lot of milwaukee batteries too. Those 21700'd are awesome! You should check out at ProgressiveRC.com, they have 26650's that have a pretty high discharge rating for Lion. Cool Build!!!

Etolier   12 days ago  

Your builds are awesome, man. Always stoked to see what you're coming up with. Not too long ago I pulled some old 1806 motors out of the bin and put them on a race frame with biblades, still flew great and had pretty good flight times. I can't look at the "latest/greatest" builds, feels like it's all marketing hype...

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