Catalyst Machineworks Shocker 5" HD

By jasperfpv on Jan 05, 2021

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After FPVCYCLE Fouride 5" build which is a favourite of mine, i decided to build another light 5" with Dji system and the same motors when I saw the CMW Shocker frame on YouTube videos.

It's a quality kit from CMW. I was in two minds about the FC/ESC choice and decided to use the HGLRC Zeus 35A i bought on sale a while back. With hind sight, a
20x20mm or another AIO might be better.

Fairly straightforward build and i decide to use Dji Radio , no GPS as i don't plan to do long range at the moment.

With 1300mah 4S, AUW is 379g.

8+ minutes cruising around and 5-6 mins with some acros.

On maiden, it was jittery on stock BF 4.25 Pids with RPM filtering. After some PID tune and minimal filtering change, it improves but it's still a bit on edge.
As it is, it's more sensitive to wind compared to the Fouride 5 in the same condition.

Not sure if some of the issue is due to Zeus 35A. gyro and i plan to change it to Jhemcu 35A AIO.

Some footage from Dji Goggles DVR with dynamic stretching added in post.



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ChrisCro82   Apr 12, 2021  

Did you ever get the tuning issue resolved?
I'm asking because i have a 5" Shocker UL on a 20x20 stack and fixed most of my tuning issues running BF 4.2.8.

jasperfpv   Apr 12, 2021 

I kept it as it is as seen in the video as it flies well enough for me. Good to know BF 4.2.8 could help but i have a feeling part of my issue might be the AIO FC related.

ChrisCro82   Apr 13, 2021 

I essentially fully tuned my problem out. Although i'm running a cricket f7 and 20x20 succex 4-in-1 esc. Sure it's heavier, but i'm still getting roughly 6 1/2 minutes on a 850mah 6s lipo cruising around. And about 5 minutes of good freestyle.

seppli_fpv   Mar 24, 2021  

How is the durabiliti

jasperfpv   Apr 12, 2021 

i haven't crashed a lot to break anything yet, not against concrete or metal anyway. Fingers crossed.

AVGVSTVS   Apr 12, 2021 

I can tell you this is probably the most durable lightweight frame, its designed very well. I use the rear braces on mine and crashed hard on concrete causing one of the bottom side plates to crack at the base and the plate it connects to cracked on both sides showing how well crash load is transferred through the frame. Even with these cracks, the structure is extremely solid and still able to fly perfectly!

AVGVSTVS   Mar 25, 2021  

I'm upgrading my 5" LR to a Shocker 5 UL frame and these motors, looking forward to it! Nice work!

jasperfpv   Apr 12, 2021 

Thanks and hope you will have nice build.

RotorHead   Jan 07, 2021  

Love your clip and the 22ish lightweight motors.

jasperfpv   Jan 07, 2021 

Thanks man. Appreciate that.

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