Sub-200g Ultra-thin 5inch

By kera on Jan 15, 2021

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The battery is 3s, but due to its light weight, it flies fast and quietly.

The world's drone law allows freedom of aircraft weighing less than 250g, but in Japan the regulation is less than 200g.
I build it to fit less than 200g which is not regulated.



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RotorHead   Jan 16, 2021  

Very nice UL. Use UmmaGawds 2004 motors and UL props to save say another 15 to 20 grams an take a slightly bigger battery. Did you test it with a 4S, too? My PodRacer has 2004 3150KV and becomes insane on 4S.

kera   Jan 19, 2021 

Thank you for the very good information
I tried 4s650mah with this build, but the flight performance deteriorated ...
The best one is the 2004 motor?? I want it!😁

RotorHead   Jan 19, 2021 

Search for UmmaGawd AeroLite 2004. There are also 2004 from BrotherHobby, BetaFPV, HGLRC and some more. I never tested your motors, which are probably a decent option like xing 2203.5 would be, too. I wouldn`t expect more torque from 2004 due to smaller stators. 7 grams lighter per motor. Not that much, but 28 grams for more capacity.

kera   Jan 20, 2021 

Thank you for your useful knowledge!
It's a big difference that it's 7 grams lighter with the same torque😮
I will buy 2004 and try it

Joshua_A   Jan 17, 2021  

NICE BUILD!! I see your running "props out" do you like it better that way??
Also you could try the T mounts to cut a few grams... and invest that in a 4s ; )

kera   Jan 19, 2021 

I like "props out", aiming not to wind up dust on the camera.
I also wanted a T-mount, but I bought this motor by mistake in ordering😂
I think you're right, and I want to make a drone with good performance in 4s.

chawks   Jan 16, 2021  

how long is the flight time with such a small battery?

kera   Jan 19, 2021 

When used in race practice, it flew up to 3 and a half minutes🙂

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