DC5 HD Reinforced

By JTR1 on Jan 12, 2021

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After breaking arms multiple times I decide to do something. I design bracing arms to reinforce it.(See Parts) It is now strongger than my Smooth Operator. :) I also design many printed parts. (See Parts)

Maybe I will update the motors but for now the Samguk do the job.



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Jayembee67   13 days ago  

I very much like the highlight painting on the printed parts. It's the little things... but it really adds to the overall sci-fi dropship vibe you have going on here. Very nice looking bird.

How's it flying with the extra weight and drag?

JTR1   11 days ago 

thank you for the comment. I have redesign the front part a little bit since the photos.

For the brace it add a Little bit of drag and weight. About 40g. But it it did not kill the quad. It can now take so much beat... More than my Smooth Operator. Before I have break twice the front arms... I was affraid to push it. lol

Ask Ikuiku for an independent review...

Jodie Froster   13 days ago  

I have used plenty of motors in my years in this hobby. I have used those samguks, and many other 2306's. There is NOTHING wrong with the samguks, you can get easier access to the bearings from other designs... if you even want that. Otherwise you're not gonna see big changes from swapping to any other 2306 on the market. Kv changes, you could do something with, but just swapping brands isn't gonna change anything signifigant. I am posting this because I ran them as my fist 2306's, and wondered if spending 50%-150% more would give me better thrust. The answer turns out to be no. I used them on 4s, and when I moved to 6s I did notice more thrust, but not untill then.
I ran (and still sometimes do) the 2550kv ones, I fly freestyle, and cine. They get a little too hungry on a heavy build (680g or more), want to hurt your battery.

JTR1   13 days ago 

Thank you for the info. I was planning to swamp the JB2407 I have on my smooth operator. But I'm not sure anymore... I'm starting modifing my Smooth operator to install a Vista on it...

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