4" 6s Twig Mutant - Shark Byte - 249g auw

By Blunzn on Jan 13, 2021

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4" 6s Twig Mutant Build with the small 200mW Shark Byte module.
249g AUW ... had to get rid of ~4 grams to meet the goal but it worked out ... with 550mah 6s lipos you would have ~10g more reserve for xt60 or sturdier canopy.
flys great but had some desync problems on the maiden. like other ultralight builds it hovers at very low trottle and has a tendency to rise on sharp turns, so get your camera tilt up and use some throttle curve ;)

did UAVTech's blheli32 modifications against desyncs and am now waiting until the temperature rises to acceptable numbers ...

edit: got rid of desyncs by raising startup power in blheli32 to 100%


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