Drift Kwad Buggy Thing

By kwadkenstine on Jan 14, 2021

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Um er , I know its not a quad.
It actually works , sort of, not much good in dirt and i have some work to do on power delivery .
But so far i have foward reverse and with a bit o resource remap nad mixing in the remote i have steering coupled with yaw.
This is a work in progress .



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Jodie Froster   Jan 17, 2021  

I have this fear that without gear reduction you will need a very low kv. Maybe some of the old 2212's from the DJI phantom aftermarket era motors? The ones for 9 and 10 inch props, that come in the 700kv range? I have no idea how low you need to go, what kv are you running? How do they perform? also: I would start with the smallest tires possible just to keep the torque load on the motor low (in hopes that it will work at all). Does it drive on a smooth surface? Off road?

kwadkenstine   Jan 19, 2021 

Hi , It motivates as is , but yes different motors or a planetary gear system would be better . But i have to do some mixing and what knot to bring it under control , and yes i will post a crash real . but here are some pics of my drone motor powered crawler (2212 950kv).

butcher51   Jan 16, 2021  

I'm just building a similar thing with 6 wheels, drone motors in the wheels but I build a planetary gearbox in the wheels for bigger torque and lower speed :D https://i.imgur.com/DMrTwlW.png

RotorHead   Jan 16, 2021  

Are you familiar with swapping ball-bearings and bells? Our motors are not made for this, but anyway cool build.

jdmkramer   Jan 15, 2021  

masterpiece! must see in action!

rAge FPV   Jan 15, 2021  

lol i love it :)

Kstone   Jan 15, 2021  

Please tell me that at some point, you'll make a buggy that can transform into a quad and back!

Jodie Froster   Jan 15, 2021  

So cool man! I wanna see video! Even if it's performance is bad, or has problems, pleaase show us!!!!!!

OptimaZe   Jan 15, 2021  

Love this! Definitely need some video :)

soothcoder   Jan 15, 2021  

I see some bent motor axles in your near future.

Jayembee67   Jan 14, 2021  

Good lord. You really can't be safely left alone, can you? Look what you've gone and done now?! Absolutely brilliant.

Etolier   Jan 14, 2021  


BUDLoNG   Jan 14, 2021  


GrannyG   Jan 14, 2021  

we need video of this crazyness :)

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