Armattan gecko 4 inch 2203.5 motor DJI

By DigitalLover on Jan 15, 2021

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I planed to build this 4 months ago. The hardest part is find motors for it. The bottom frame of this build is custom 16x16 moto mount from Armattan production.
Not follow the 4 inch LR light weight trend. This is heavie 280g dry weight. I build this for free style. At the time planed this build I pland to user Hyperlite 2204 3000kv, it alway out of stock, luckily iFlight introduce 2203.5 moto for protek35. I know that is the perfect motors for my build.
It power and very fast. With 850mah 4s I got 4 minutes freestyle. 1550mah 4s about 6 minutes. I not try maiden cine yet but I thing it easy to got 10 minutes.

Moto is not hot at all, very cool even hard freestyle.
The frame is really tight I have to move capacitor on top of titan case, there is no free space. You better come with Caddx vista for easy build. I personally dont like vista.


Part List


Gecko 4 (10 builds)

Flight Controller

Kakute F7 Mini V3 (3 builds)


Tekko32 F3 4in1 mini ESC(45A) (3 builds)


4 x XING 2203.5 4-6S FPV Motor (unibell)

FPV Transmitter

DJI Digital FPV Air Unit - Ultra Low Latency 720p 120FPS Digital HD (197 builds)


OVONIC 1550mAh 4S 14.8V 100C LiPo Battery with XT60 Plug for 5'' 6''FPV drone (2 builds)

Misc Supplies

Gecko 4in MainPlate 22xx 3mm
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alfred_j_kwack   9 days ago  

Looks beautiful. How does it fly?
Could you post the link to the TPUs?

DigitalLover   5 days ago 

too powerful

DigitalLover   5 days ago 

the tpu for AU I download from thingiversal, search for armattan gecko, there is a guy make one for AU

DigitalLover   5 days ago 

the tpu for AU I download from thingiversal, search for armattan gecko, there is a guy make one for AU

-X3-   Jan 17, 2021  

Did you have to re-drill the motor holes to mount the 2203?

DigitalLover   Jan 17, 2021 

I bought it from Armattan production.

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