Source Plus 10" HD

By BluescreenISU on Jan 17, 2021

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This 10inch Plus Quad is made with 8mm Arms, 54cm lenght, 925g
and powered bei 5-6S Lipo. Supports very fast turns and acceleration.
Equipped with Caddx Vista and Ghost long range system.


Part List

Flight Controller

Hobbywing Xrotor Combo 60A 4in1 Regler Flight Controller kaufen | (2 builds)


BrotherHobby Tornado T5 Pro 3115 - 1050Kv


HQProp MacroQuad 10x5x3 (unité) (3 builds)

FPV Camera

DJI FPV Air Unit Caddx Vista (4 builds)


ImmersionRC Ghost Bundle - Next Gen 2.4Ghz Radio System
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truog2003   19 days ago  

So coool .... awesome build!

Kstone   Jan 18, 2021  

Whats the advantage to a Plus frame?

BluescreenISU   Jan 20, 2021 

Faster turns and no propwash, and of course it looks amazing

Kstone   Jan 20, 2021 

Was thinking that the forward / rear motors could be inverted to keep the view clear. Furthermore, it would be possible to use two different types / style of propellers / motors. One set for torque and the other for speed. This does work but I've never seen a video of this done.

butcher51   Jan 18, 2021  
butcher51   Jan 18, 2021  

Omg :D

RotorHead   Jan 18, 2021  

Remove the x from your OSD and target with your propnut.

Jayembee67   Jan 17, 2021  

Goodness me, look at that thing! I have an affection for Plus config - it's very overlooked, and yet a great flying experience. Plus the machines look great. But this thing is even better, absolutely brilliant. Excellent work!

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