Birdbrain RC MiniSKEW_L

By BirdbrainRC on Jan 25, 2021

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Lockdown sucks - haven't flown in months, buuuuuut I do have access to an indoors space at work where I can (in theory) fly to my heart's content. Thing is, it's a sorta awkward size - much too small for a 5", too big to get much out of a of course I made another new quad.

Rather than going full on toothpick, I opted to go for something a little more solid. 20x20 stack, micro camera, 12x12 motor hole spacing so more for 14xx and up size motors. After checking the layout, I realised the pod would end up being around the size of the one from the SKEW_L so I embraced it, modifying the pod slightly to remove weight and change the antenna exit angle to give a little more internal space given it's a much tighter build this time.

The baseplate is a single unibody - I went fully asymmetrical again, as it brings the motor wires out at the corners of the FC. I reckon something around 3-3.5mm would be ideal - however, I only had 2.5mm and 4mm carbon on the shelf when I designed this, so I cut a plate in each. Trying the 2.5mm first - we'll see how it goes, and if I smash it I've got the 4mm as a suitably tank-like backup I can swap everything onto.

I don't use arm protectors in most of my builds, but given this little quad's whole purpose is indoor flying, I thought it would be prudent to add some rather than smashing up my baseplate. One thing I don't like about most arm protectors is that they work by having the screws going through them - I'm an advocate for zero threadlock, so that's a no-go for me. I designed the protectors to fit snugly onto the arms, and to be held in place by fitting around the base of the motors rather than having screws going through them. The end result is great - no movement at all, no squished TPU, and motors that won't be coming loose any time soon despite a lack of loctite! Whilst I was at it, I added a couple of small 3d printed guards to cover the edge of the frame where the battery strap goes - since starting to add these to my race quads I've never cut a battery strap, so for this it seemed like a necessity.

Component-wise, it was a question of what I could get at short notice here in the UK in the midst of changing import regulations and Covid related disruption. I'm a stranger to all-in-1 flight controllers, so don't know what to expect from the little GHF420, but it did make for an easy build. Aside from a weird issue with the Toothless 2 where it no longer responds to the osd controller (leaving me with the annoying stock OSD beneath my BF OSD), everything else came together very quickly, so all that remains is to throw it in my bag and give it a whirl next time I'm at work :)



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REAL 406FPV   Apr 18, 2023  

nice! how can i get this canopy? ive been looking and cant find one.

Wood_the_wizard   Mar 25, 2021  

Just beautiful

jdmkramer   Feb 07, 2021  

Beautiful design and execution!

fovea   Jan 30, 2021  

awesome! nice build

DannerD3H   Jan 26, 2021  

Sexy as always!
Whats the dry weight? :)

BirdbrainRC   Jan 26, 2021 

Thanks! Comes in at 135g without the LiPo, not super light but hopefully will stand up to a bit of abuse! Actually was inspired to build it after seeing your take on the small plus frame idea haha

DannerD3H   Jan 26, 2021 

I just got My own frame similar to this for 3", but I decided not to use it.. I am tired of bottom mount bats and pods(i suck at pod design xD).
Not as asthetic as yours either xD

BirdbrainRC   Jan 26, 2021 

Haha I like bottom mount because I fly fast - fast, but not well. At least with bottom mount when I have a high speed crash, the battery is the last thing to arrive at the accident!

Madcatmike3d   Jan 26, 2021  

I LOVE this frame!!!

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