By Alien79 on Jan 28, 2021

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BaTTaN   May 13, 2023  

The esc maybe salvageable as it looks like it may have just overheated and enough to desolder the fets, to be honest the worse looking one is outputting to motor 4 and is not desoldered. I'd try getting them back into position with a heatgun and see if they are detected in blheli afterwards. I've had luck doing that with another esc more than a year ago and it's still running today.

Alien79   May 23, 2023 

Yes, it should be salvageable, but missing parts are lost in the field. I may have another broken one somewhere, but I have no time to work on it.

BaTTaN   May 24, 2023 

I know how that goes! I have had a Foxeer F7 and Reaper 8s 80amp esc 20x20 for over a year know I've been holding onto for a project to use in but have not felt right about putting them in just another quad. I could see building one of these speed drones through but I have yet to find any prints for it online and am shit at designing myself. If you know any public files I'd be very grateful for a link.

SoleburnerFPV   Mar 10, 2021  

Also gotta flip those motors somehow. cg is way too far away from the line of thrust. Ask me how I know :)

Kstone   Feb 21, 2021  

Next thing ya know is DARPA will make something like this for use as a kinetic weapon.

techguy1623   Jan 31, 2021  

Looks fast.. Getting any speeds of 150MP yet?

Alien79   Feb 02, 2021 

Not yet, around 130mph on 4s

techguy1623   Jan 31, 2021  
saahbs   Jan 29, 2021  

quad-bullet - nice! :)

SugarK   Jan 29, 2021  

need some cooling through the pod.. i recommend NACA low drag ducts

Alien79   Jan 29, 2021 

Yep, you are right, a bit of forced airflow would help cooling parts, but i didn't get there, just got a very heavy vibration after arming, then after 3 seconds of hovering it dropped and everything was melted already.... sounded like a grinder :(

SugarK   Jan 29, 2021 

thats too much dterm. for 6s your gona need to tune down the whole pids a good 20%. use dmin and not worry about propwash.. these quads never fly that great over all so you tune should be about not setting fire too it

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