Bobcat 4inch

By Waffles on Jan 29, 2021

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armattan bobcat 4 inch with vista pro, tbs nano rx, tmotor f45a f7 stack. hq t4x2x3. 525 mah 4s from RDQ.
or 450 3s to be under 250 grams.


Part List


Bobcat (6 builds)

Flight Controller

T-Motor F7+F45A V2.0 30x30 Premium Stack/Combo (4 builds)


HQ Prop Durable T4x2x3 Tri-Blade 4" Prop 4 Pack - Grey (6 builds)

FPV Camera

Caddx Vista Digital HD System for DJI HD FPV (98 builds)


Lumenier AXII 2 5.8GHz U.FL Antenna - Choose Your PolarizationRHCP (10 builds)
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danielusa   Jul 07, 2022  

the build is amazing, can it be used in aircraft or car installation. sedecordle wordle

danielusa   Jul 07, 2022  

the build is amazing, sedecordle wordle can it be used in aircraft or car installation.

AVGVSTVS   Feb 17, 2021  
phaley51   Feb 05, 2021  

Nice Build, my frame is arriving today. Built and original Dave_c micro lr before the whole craze started running INAV currently on it and 1505 motors. Plan is to switch everything over. Ill find out later today but could you fit 5 in props on this set up? looks like there may be clearance.

Waffles   Feb 05, 2021 

5 inch looks like it barely fits on the rear motors, but deff not going on the front.. unless you remove the aluminum cam housing and make a custom mount. Interesting Idea though, thanks for the post!

Waffles   Feb 06, 2021 

I had two Bobcats, so I tried the 5 inch props.. note the arms are closer together on the second bobcat.

phaley51   Feb 08, 2021 

Thanks for the comparison! Does look like it almost worked. I want to run the fpv cycle 2203 motors but debating on 2800kv or 3450kv. Planning on mainly 3s li-ion batteries but have 4s li-ions too. 2800 might be a little slow for 3s but seems similar to your motor kv on 4s. If I did go 3450kv I could go 2-4s, but 2800kv will be better if 5 in was possible, decisions decisions.

Fractalengineer   Feb 01, 2021  

Nice build mate! How does it feel in the air?

Waffles   Feb 01, 2021 

Hey, thanks for the comment! it's really planted and a lot quieter than I expected. Solid daily, and now we're going to give it a Doug score..

Fractalengineer   Feb 02, 2021 

lool I bet you'd get at lot of control with those beefy motors and triblades compared to the more tame 1404 indeed. Thanks for sharing!

shaz   Feb 01, 2021  

What motors are you using?

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shaz   Feb 01, 2021 

Cheers! Are you mainly flying this as a freestyle drone or more cruiser-style? I am trying to find an efficient sweet spot for 4" props (bi-blade if possible) and big enough motors to transport a 4S Li-Ion and a naked Hero 8. With the stock Armattan 1404's I feel like I am carrying a sack of potatos. It flies.. but boy it's sketchy.

Waffles   Feb 01, 2021 

Yea 1404 sounds like it would be a little rough. I fly a little cruisy between power loops and dives but deff not steele style. A Li ion build would be pretty cool though.

shaz   Feb 01, 2021 

That's awesome. I decided to give those motors a try and see what 3 blades can do. Give her some life. Care to share your CLI dump? Interested mainly in the tune. I'm still learning so i like to use references when I'm building something similar. Thanks!

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