Diatone F4 Mid Range Cruiser

By AVGVSTVS on Feb 06, 2021

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Just finished this 4" Mid/Long range crusier build in the beautiful Diatone F4 LR Frame. For the FC I went with the beast Flywoo Goku GN745 AIO, definitely a bit tough to solder on but the side joints make it a bit easier. I love this board and look forward to flying it more and testing it's limits, hoping it turns out to be reliable.

Went with Hyperlite 1404.5 motors, I LOVE the orange wires on the motors, colored motor wires add a nice touch to builds and I'm overall very happy with my motor choice. High quality silicone wire too, I have another brands 1404s and their wires look tiny in comparison.

Mach 3 VTX is one of the best options on the market, 1W for $25 + RDQ customer support, it's a no brainer. It's mounted with 3M VHB in place of the second stack and secured with a ziptie, I then used the TPU antenna mount to mount my extra long Flywoo antenna, though I had to cut a slit in it so I could fit the hard plastic antenna casing through. I do not recomment the Flywoo Atomic Long range antenna, I bought it because of it's long plastic tube for mounting but the antenna cap quickly broke off after my first crash, exposing the antenna. Range could be a lot better and I noticed some multipathing, I've got Rush antennas on the way fortunately.

Topped it off with a Crossfire Nano RX and a Phoenix V2 camera and it flies beautifully! Will be installing a BN180 GPS soon as well, fortunately my AIO has a baro so with a GPS I'm all set for some mid-long range cruising.

So far I've been getting 10-14 minutes of flight time on an 850 4S "fast-cruising" with the VTX on 600mw. At 25mw, my first flight lasted over 22 minutes though I slightly overdischarged the battery and it shut off as I was bringing it in... still impressive, but being my first flight I was also going very slow. I want to try 1000-1100 4s as well.

I did some light PID and filters tuning. Reduced filtering and played with PID sliders, but it flew fantastic on stock PIDs anyway. I'm gonna fine tune it a bit more, this is my first time tuning BF 4.X so I've got a lot to learn since 3.5. Just recently got back into the hobby after a year and a half and I'm loving all the new stuff coming out and the innovation going on. DJI is my next upgrade, seriously looking forward to it!

This frame's standoffs come in the way of the USB on this AIO because it's angled and the position of this particular USB port but I'm happy enough, no big deal. I've just been flying without the one center standoff while I tune, fortunately it's fine like this temporarily.

Super happy with how this build came out! That color combo is so nice :D



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jdmkramer   8 days ago  

The blue and orange does look great! The thin ummagrip matches the props really well.

AVGVSTVS   4 days ago 

Thanks! Agreed, I'm really happy with how it turned out! I'm almost a little scared to fly it because it looks so good!

Israel_Martinez   5 days ago  

Nice build, how about motor temp?

AVGVSTVS   4 days ago 

Motor temps are great! I dropped both filter sliders quite a bit, but they are still barely warm after flight, I have more room to go if I want. They're excellent motors

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