By richrd on Feb 03, 2021

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First classic KISS build since prepping rigs for Dubai 2016. Impressed with how it flew, but build time is a PITA compared to beta and 4in1:)



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WEBITO   10 days ago  

how did you get the camera to fit?
I am struggling with an airshot to fit the caddx vista nebula pro camera... as the stock mounts I received make it really narrow for the camera to fit.

richrd   6 days ago 

did you get it mounted ok? trick is to mount the camera to the tpu before sliding over the standoffs.

WEBITO   6 days ago 

I used the stl you have on thingiverse and edited a bit, but I am getting a lot of jello/ vibrations on the video.
I will try tour method as the mounts I received with the frame are a lot of better print and quality than the one I can print.
love this frame and also the vert.
this is my second airshot.

richrd   5 days ago 

nice. theres a tune if you scroll down here if you are still getting vibes: http://hyperlowframes.com/HYPERLOW-AIRSHOT_p_128.html#tab-5

Jodie Froster   Feb 04, 2021  

First of all: fantastic build. You really kept it clean, consiering how many components and wires you have to fit together in that lil stick o butter. I like your rear reciever antenna solution.
This all looks well thought out, and like it's not your first build, so why did you put the reciever on that lil 3d printed shelf (instead of taping it to the frame in basically the same spot)?

Currently   Feb 04, 2021 

Just curious, why would he tape it to the frame? For weight? It seems that the shelf keeps the rx more isolated but maybe I'm missing something.

Jodie Froster   Feb 04, 2021 

Yes, for weight. It is probably taped to the shelf (I can't see, so i'm guessing here), so the shelf is superfluous. The tape isolates the electrical components from the carbon of the frame, but typically you would add heat shrink to the rx so you could uninstall it/do maintenance without having to pull the VHB off of the components attached to the board. Here you would unscrew the two standoffs to get out out, where you would cut the heat shrink if you went the other way, and there are benefits to either approach in my mind. I am curious why richrd decided to go that way.

richrd   Feb 05, 2021 

good question! the shelves allow wires to be routed under components, and provide more surface area than the carbon does underneath due to cutouts which are primarily for use with the vertical arm option on this frame, and the wire routing that goes along with them. the shelves play a more vital role in the tighter vert free frame build (https://rotorbuilds.com/build/16819), but i keep them around for neater building solutions with this frame. weight doesnt factor in dues to how light the print is.

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