FPVCycle Babytooth

By BaTTaN on Feb 09, 2021

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I received a notification regarding the FPVCyle V3 1s AIO being in stock and within 20mins they were sold out. Having run into the same issues with the V2 board as well as 1202.5 11500kv motors mentioned this to FPVCyle who were able to egt me an AIO. I also purchased the new 13mm 1s motors. When the package arrived I was presently surprised to find a non Newbeedrone canopy in the package.

I'm using the 1.5mm Babytooth frame an Eachine V2 Nano chosen for the onboard audio as well as the FPVCycle Caddx Ant Lite and RENY 12mm screws cut down with nylon nuts.

No issues with the setup. The AIO is very easy to work with and the motor wires were premeasured cut and tined to make the setup that much easier. I did have to rotate the board in betaflight as its configured for usb up and I just have to be different. Honestly its becuase I shaved off one of the tabs in preperation for use elsewhere.

There was no need to make adjustments on the tune or even to the OSD as everything seems factroy perfect!

Overall the best everyday quad I own and I do fly it every day. This position was formally occupied by my UZ65 conversion Flywoo 1202.5 11500kv build.

Pulled steel motor mounting screws a couple of days ago and replaced with RENY. So far so good! I've also added some blue locte tight to the nylon FC mounting nuts since these pictures were taken. I have had zero issues with the canopy which I have made multiple position adjustments on.



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OptimaZe   22 days ago  

Nice! I'm digging that canopy. Any chance you weighed it before assembling?

BaTTaN   21 days ago 

I did not think to. I did though email them right after seeing it and ask if I could purchase a couple as they were not listed on their site. He said that they were unsure if they were going to carry them and it was a test run. So I'm not even sure they can be purchased.

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