Knight Crux Toothpick - 2S 4"

By feeksfpv on Feb 10, 2021

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This is my first full fpv drone brushless build
After playing around with the nbd kit and trying to convert my toy drone into a fpv one, I've finally put together a decent drone with the parts I've mistakenly purchased here and there.

So it is using a BETAFPV X-Knight 4" frame and a Happymodel CrazybeeX v2.2 AIO FC, I had to mount the FC upside down and leave some room below it for airflow and to avoid any shorts to happen with the carbon frame. Made a cut on the back of the canopy to access the USB port. I has a very short range, but I think it's the usual 100m for this board, it justs gets into fail-safe very quickly

Because of the upside down FC, I had to remap some motors on the CLI and adjust the board alingment in Betaflight

It has an insane thrust and it's super fast in the air! Here's a video of it taking off

I'd love to hear what you think of the build! Check out a quick DVR flight on a parking lot:



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newbuild   20 days ago  

It's more powerful than I would've ever expected for a 5A ESC. Looking forward to the DVR footage

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feeksfpv   17 days ago 

hey X3, can you be more specific? it's my first build, I'd appreciate any knowledge!

-X3-   17 days ago 

I've had at least 3 or 4 crazybee aio boards (5A) which fried on 2S in whoops... 5A seems a lot but it's not that much, especially when a motor is stuck (during a crash in the grass, or even if you turtle mode a bit too much). 1105 motors can easily pull that amount of current, so be gentle with the throttle, disarm as fast as possible when you crash and don't even try turtle mode if it's not on a nice flat surface. A 80% limit in the PID tab in betaflight would be a good idea.

feeksfpv   17 days ago 

@-X3- @newbuild just uploaded the dvr!

OptimaZe   20 days ago  

Frsky SPI receiver? If so, check the version of Betaflight currently running on the board. Happymodel recommend 3.5.7 for improved Frsky SPI RX performance. Nice build my friend.

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