Sub Atomic

By Thund3r on Feb 13, 2021

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GnarlyFPV Sub Atomic 40mm micro.

Top mount carbon frame with aluminum camera mounts, 1102 brushless motors, 16x16 AIO and Team Blacksheep electronics.
47g dry/66g AUW



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phaley51   6 days ago  

Very cool build! Have you had any yaw washout from dives or is the mass low enough? I had issues with a cinebee a year or two ago but maybe cause mass was too high and my motors were only 0802 I think

GrannyG   17 days ago  

Did you modify the mini immortal T for weight? Or to fit the frame? I love Gnarleyfpv

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Thund3r   16 days ago 

I haven't been able to fly it yet. It's been snowing since I built it :(.

Thund3r   9 days ago 

@grannyG I got a chance to fly a few packs today. I wasn't overly aggressive with freestyle tricks, but I didn't just cruise around. It was cold outside when I flew those, so those times may be slightly lower than what you could normally expect.

  • 2 mins on a 300mah 2s
  • 3 mins on a 350 mah 2s
  • 3:30 on a 450 mah 2s
GrannyG   9 days ago 

nice!! Thanks for the info

PixelFpv   11 days ago  

It looks very awesome and cute :D

Sylas Wojo   14 days ago  

OHMYGAWD that thing looks sooo cute ( ;

MakeitHappen   15 days ago  

Nice outcome. Still working on the Guppy V3, but this one looks really nice. Waiting for them to come back in stock. And following you to see some flight footage. How long did the build take you?

Thund3r   15 days ago 

i think the build took two hours start to finish. I'll post some flight footage to YouTube once the weather improves.

outcastfpv   16 days ago  

nice build, was looking to get one of these frames but still sold out, What batteries are you going to run on it?

Thund3r   16 days ago 

probably 450 2s or 300 2s.

outcastfpv   16 days ago 

Have loads of 2S 450's myself was hoping theyd fit comfortably on the top plate, Is there much clearance behind the camera, Do you think you could have fit a Runcam Nano 2?

Thund3r   16 days ago 

There isn't much clearance behind the camera.

OptimaZe   17 days ago  

Awesome little build! I plan to do a build on this frame very soon myself.

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