Sloth DD - X Class Quad

By sloth on Feb 16, 2021

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So after winning the 2020 X Class World Championship, I decided that I was going to build a quad variant to compete on larger tracks. My Octo is great but hits a speed wall pretty fast. This build looks to break through that barrier with ease.

Custom frame
Designing this was a major challenge. These 200a ADP ESC's are absolutely massive. I didn't want them hanging out or arm mounted, I wanted the tightest build I could get away with. The frame is double deckered (hence the Sloth DD name) with components on every level. The bottom plate holds the PDB, middle plate holds the FC on the bottom and ESC's on the top, and the top plate holds the Vista and RX. In my next iteration of this frame I will swap the PDB and FC for easier access. The arms are 15x11mm to start, but the best part is I can swap any size arm I want in to this frame. I fully expect the arms to snap like twigs, but this is racing, it's all or nothing.

This quad is no light weight, these motors are MASSIVE, the ESC's are MASSIVE, I'm running 8AWG wire to the batteries, and 10AWG everywhere else.
Resting without the props or batteries it's sitting at 2725g.
Batteries should add about 1600g and props another 180ish.
It'll be flying around the 4.5KG weight. Not light by any means, but the power it should have will be unreal. Each motor has the equivilent of 20HP. This is an 80HP quad. It will kill batteries as fast as I can buy them.

I've picked up some of the new CNHL Race Series 5200mah packs to try out. I Also have a set of their Black Series 5000mah to try. This quad runs 12s, although it could run 14s. There are some rumblings of switching to super capacitors for these size quads, traditional Lipos are really holding us back so its only a matter of time.

Testing coming once all this snow dissapears!



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bdlitzer   Aug 05, 2021  

How did this turn out? I am considering building similar myself

sloth   Aug 05, 2021 

So far so good! One change I made was I moved to 18x18x15mm pultruded CF arms. These round ones were too weak. She now flies great, stiff and fast. I had to remove a resistor on the ESC as well as take off the active breaking which is on by default for some reason.

bdlitzer   Aug 21, 2021 

Thanks for sharing your experience. I did have a few more questions. At 430kV, do those motors puff your battery with 12s - seems motors in the 300s would be better suited to 12s, from what I read. You really think you need the 200amp escs for racing, or would the 120 be ok with 12s?

sloth   Aug 22, 2021 

Most run the APD 120 without issue but it really depends on how hard you want to push. These motors are big and hungry. I think the KO 42xx sized motor is a great fit for the 120s.

Joshua_A   Feb 18, 2021  

whooo, thats an amazing quad!!
14s, 200A ESCs with a 20x20 Fc...

Goleon   Feb 16, 2021  

wow, want to see it in action...just because

phaley51   Feb 16, 2021  

This is awesome, a little outside of my budget though! Cant wait to see this thing rip!

OptimaZe   Feb 16, 2021  

Absolutely AWESOME! I can't imagine what it must be like to fly something like that.

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