FPVCycle Fouride 5 inch

By sw_grangerr on Feb 18, 2021

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Kebab FPV continues to innovate and provide us with cool new products. I was sucked in and made a quad!
Opinions and why I chose the parts:

Fouride Frame: It was just a really nice frame (I got the 5" one) and looked unique but also well made. Its a true ____ to put together and required a bit of sanding on the central standoff hole, but all in all a sensationally well designed frame. Carbon is all chamfered too contrary to the pictures showing it to be straight.

2203 3450kv motors: Again, they were just cool and innovative so I picked up 5. They are incredibly smooth, super nice finish and easy to mount. They also have 8+ inches of wire so really handy design. They also come with cap head screws. Downside is that they get strangely warm (30-35 degrees) when spinning without props at 60% throttle. Not sure why but they sound good and I assume its just because they are small.

Goku GN745 and HM600: I got these for £50 on banggood (yeah I know...) and the f745 chip, 40a of power and a 600mw vtx seemed a good deal. The board is easy to solder to and comes with black wiring and xt60 (which is cool) and yeah: its good. Ran a 1000uf cap because I am running 3450kv 4s.

Foxeer Razer: Solid cam, looks good, used it before and it's really nice. They are easy to get hold of and I don't see why you would want too many other cams over this; really spectacular for the price.

HGLRC M80: I tested these out a while back and I get 25 - 40 sats consistently; its a beast. Best GPS I can get for under £30 (well under £10) and it performs like some really high end ones. Quick lock and good, consistent, connection - even when flipping around.

All in all I think I would recommend all parts in the build (even the heat shrink and stuff haha) and am happy with how it turned out!



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Thomas Parker   9 days ago  

nice build man! cool pack print 😉

sw_grangerr   9 days ago 


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