FPVCycle Fouride 5 inch

By swg_fpv on Feb 18, 2021

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Kebab FPV continues to innovate and provide us with cool new products. I was sucked in and made a quad!
Opinions and why I chose the parts:

Fouride Frame: It was just a really nice frame (I got the 5" one) and looked unique but also well made. Its a true ____ to put together and required a bit of sanding on the central standoff hole, but all in all a sensationally well designed frame. Carbon is all chamfered too contrary to the pictures showing it to be straight.

2203 3450kv motors: Again, they were just cool and innovative so I picked up 5. They are incredibly smooth, super nice finish and easy to mount. They also have 8+ inches of wire so really handy design. They also come with cap head screws. Downside is that they get strangely warm (30-35 degrees) when spinning without props at 60% throttle. Not sure why but they sound good and I assume its just because they are small.

Goku GN745 and HM600: I got these for £50 on banggood (yeah I know...) and the f745 chip, 40a of power and a 600mw vtx seemed a good deal. The board is easy to solder to and comes with black wiring and xt60 (which is cool) and yeah: its good. Ran a 1000uf cap because I am running 3450kv 4s.

Foxeer Razer: Solid cam, looks good, used it before and it's really nice. They are easy to get hold of and I don't see why you would want too many other cams over this; really spectacular for the price.

HGLRC M80: I tested these out a while back and I get 25 - 40 sats consistently; its a beast. Best GPS I can get for under £30 (well under £10) and it performs like some really high end ones. Quick lock and good, consistent, connection - even when flipping around.

All in all I think I would recommend all parts in the build (even the heat shrink and stuff haha) and am happy with how it turned out!

Links to parts I have made:

M3 screw/Insta360go Mount: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4794065
GPS Mount: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4753865

Notes: After a few flights, I would recommend using this for freestyle, and using a 4s 1000-1100mah 90-130c (GNB 4s 1100 130c is best) with this, and also actually something like 51433 gemfan props seeing as the 5125 are really a bit too floaty/slow to be completely enjoyable! Just my personal preference however.


Part List


FPVCycle Fouride Frame- Vista Compatible (Choose Size) (18 builds)

Flight Controller

Flywoo GOKU GN745 F7 40A 2-6S BLHeli32 AIO Flight Controller (9 builds)
See Site


4 x FPVCycle 23mm Short Motor - THE Cinewhoop motor (36 builds)


Gemfan Hurricane SL 5125-3 Blade 5 inch Ultralite Racing Prop (22 builds)

FPV Camera

Foxeer Razer Micro 1200TVL CMOS 4:3 PAL/NSTC FPV Camera (1.8mm) - Black (21 builds)

FPV Transmitter

【No.A058】GOKU HM600 VTX 600MW (3 builds)


Foxeer Lollipop V3 5.8GHz Stubby SMA Antenna 2 Pack - Choose Your Polarization and ColorRed / RHCP (60 builds)


TBS Crossfire Nano Rx Special Edition FPV Long Range Drone Receiver (159 builds)


RadioMaster TX16S Hall Sensor Gimbals 2.4G 16CH Multi-protocol RF System OpenTX Mode2 Transmitter for RC Drone (94 builds)


Fat Shark Attitude V5 FPV Goggles (34 builds)

3D Printed

Nazgul 5/Geprc Mark 4/ FPVcycle / basically Anything GPS Mount With Insert slot for Flyer ID QR code (5mm standoff diameter) by
See Site

3D Printed

arm bumper for fpvcycle fouride by Floxflux
See Site

HD Camera

Insta360 GO FlowState Stabilization (12 builds)

Misc Parts

HGLRC M80 GPS for FPV Racing Drone (6 builds)

Misc Parts


Radio Module

TBS Crossfire Micro TX V2 (43 builds)
See Site

Soldering Iron

TS100 Portable Programmable Smart Soldering Iron (263 builds)


Fpv Drone Backpack Iflight Backpack Drone Bag Double Shoulder Packet Auction FPV QAV250 IX5 V2 Packet Large Capacity (3 builds)
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Mr_Stripes   Feb 08, 2022  

How is durability on 5in compared to 4 inch?

Mr_Stripes   Feb 08, 2022 

Also how is noise profile and flight time?

lgustol   May 16, 2021  

What kind of modifications you did to the LiPo? or is it a custom Li-Ion? Looks good.

swg_fpv   May 17, 2021 

Oh haha - it's just a li-ion 18650 4s with my kinda logo on it; I can tell you though: do not buy 18650s from ebay. I got fakes but from aliexpress and reputable stores I have always had good ones :D

makesomemore_   Feb 21, 2021  

nice build man! cool pack print 😉

swg_fpv   Feb 22, 2021 


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