4" Micro Apex

By B-NastyFPV on Feb 20, 2021

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Such a little ripper!!!! Just a little advice these motors have a strange lock ring holding the bell to the stator, and it doesn't quite fit the arm. I had to replace all of the lock rings with smaller ones to get these motors to work. After flying this little guy I'm very impressed!!! If you need help with these motors feel free to ask.



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otterprince   9 days ago  

Looks dope. How did you manage to fit the props on? IIRC those motors have some weird 6mm M2 spacing.

-X3-   8 days ago 

Nah you're thinking of the Xing 2005 which are paired with 5" props
EDIT : sorry I thought he use 2203.5... I too want to know now

B-NastyFPV   6 days ago 

I had to put the screws through the prop first sit the prop on top of the shaft. i took 1 screw and twisted just enough to get it started. then i had to lift up just a hair on the oposite blade to get the other screw lined up, then just tighten them down. once tighten all the way down they basically lined them selves up, and there was absolutly no effect on flight characteristics.

-X3-   5 days ago 

It seems like any prop change would be a PITA then... not ideal for a freestyle rig. It's a pity because those motors have some potential on 4" props !

-X3-   8 days ago  

Nice rig, did you weight it ? Any idea of the autonomy ?

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