By BUDLoNG on Feb 20, 2021

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my 30th build I thought I would do a 3.0 inch build :)
I ran into a lot of rockblocks both my fault and my choice in hardware.
The capacitor is presoldered so I decided to roll with it and build around it.
My first time doing the flying squirrel antenna mounts... it's clean but adds weight.
The frame does not support a bottom facing usb, so I have to flip the fc which meant longer wires. I had to cut the canopy to allow a path to the USB as well as put the buzzer up high and 'swivleable'
The rush tank and adapter is super dope. It was some of the best soldering I have done. Unfortunatley I did not pay enough attention and soldered all the pads. The adapter has a pad labeled "led"... and the same pad on the vtx is labelled "sw". These got soldered with the rest of the pads.
When I connected the led and powered on the vtx would not boot up. Took me a while to figure out the problem. "sw" is switch, so the led signal was spamming the board and it could not turn on.
The leds are not functional on the adapter now ( my easy fix to avoid having to take the whole thing apart again was to just not feed the leds a signal) and added some of my own leds.
Next time I rebuild I'll clean this up. They look great when they work.

I'm shocked its only 60g will all the hardware and crap I've added.
Using the rubber bands that came with the kit instead of a belt. I cut a landing pad in half so its not so thick, then cut in half horizontally and am using that to keep the bolts from digging into the battery.
I got about 2 min on 1s and it was a chill exp.. on 2s it was punchy. I haven't tried 3s yet. i put a throttle cut on 2s at 65% for 2s but still needs some tweaking



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