ImpulseRC Micro Apex 4"

By yuvalyosef2000 on Feb 23, 2021

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This is my first bulid, never had a 4" before so when ImpulseRC released the micro apex it was love at first sight.
Went for the 4" and not the 3" since a 250g limit is not a constraint in my country due to the fact that FPV is illegal here:)) I did not take enough pictures mid-build, sorry for that, was too busy trying to figure out how everything sits together in harmony, turns out that this is most of the challenge :)
Take notice that the this 4 in 1 ESC is a bit big for the build and sits really close to the vista (I had to remove the capacitor and lengthen its' legs), that could be solved by mounting the ESC facing the rear and not the front and reconfiguring motors order\arrangement\alignment in betaflight.



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DrMacca   1 day ago  

Absolutely beautiful! The fact that it's your first build is incredible!! I'm sure if flies just as good as it looks - keep up the great work!!

yuvalyosef2000   23 hours ago 

Thank you sir! This thing flies amazing I'm very impressed:)

jdmkramer   1 day ago  

I love these motors! I bet this thing flies amazingly smooth. And HD? Great build!

yuvalyosef2000   23 hours ago 

Thanks! Very smooth motors and smooth flying:)

ferdifant_fpv   3 days ago  

looks nice, what batteries are you using and what flight times are you getting?

yuvalyosef2000   23 hours ago 

about 4 minutes with a 850mah 4S

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