By Tarkusx on Feb 23, 2021

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Update 2/19/2021
Another quick update , added the CADDX ant nano Canopy .

Update 2/17/2021
Just added a new small and light TPU canopy for people who are looking for simplicity and DIY . Mainly designed for the NANO 3 , with this Canopy and the Carbon Fiber version you dont even need NUTS to secure your M2 screw .

Update 2/12/2021
Just added small bumper for the carbon fiber version , they are press fit and it should protect the edge of your arms in case you crash so the carbon don't delaminate .

Yo yo yo guys ! Tarkusx Here !

Here my super simple frame for bolt-on transfer . Theres 2 versions one for 3D printer and for for CNC machine ( Keep in mind that the Carbon Fiber version is the first version and it might change with the time ) .

3D printed version materials Choice :

1- CarbonX (PP+CF) expansive
2- PC
3- NylonX
4- Taulman 910
5- PETG and below , i dont recommend it but you can try and give me some feedback .
6- You could probably try any other materials mixed with Carbon fiber .

Parts im using right now :

My 0802 version

Crazybee lite F4 frsky
Nano 3
0802 19000kv
AZI 40mm tri-blades propellers
PH 2.0 Solid pin
1s 260mah to 520mah
Emuflight / Quicksilver / Betaflight
EMUFLIGHT has a PRESET ready for you with the latest version !

My 1102 18000kv

Crazybee lite F4 frsky
Nano 3
1102 18000kv
H8 45mm props
PH 2.0 Solid pin
1s 300mah to 600mah
Quicksilver / Emuflight / Betaflight
Emuflight has already a PRESET for it !

This frame can use :

0603 For Super light fanatic
0703 Newbeedrone version
0802 19000kv + for Freestyle
0803 12000kv for 2s rocket
1103 18000kv / 13500kv

Propellers :

Newbeedrone AZI 40mm tri-blades
HQ 40mm props 4 blades
HQ 40mm props 2 blades
OG HM830 46mm biblades
H8 45mm props

The Carbon fiber version require extra hardware

4xM2 screw with bolt ( Nylon version if you can)

For Getting the Carbon fiber
Visit (Worldwilde)
Jack's Higgins ( Jack's 3D PRINTING) on facebook ( US )

Theres a upcoming online shop that will sell it soon .

Hope you guys enjoys and love my tiny project !

0802 Flight video

1102 18000kv H8 props Flight video

More info here



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7ohms2   Feb 24, 2021  

where can i get the white canopy?

OptimaZe   Feb 24, 2021  

Awesome work my friend!

Tarkusx   Feb 24, 2021 

Thx mate

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