Digital ix2 V3

By daich on Feb 26, 2021

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nothing like digitizing an oldie but goodie, throwback frame with some old 2018 motors
it's a perfectly tight build...everything just falls into place but not painfully cramped where you have to put everything in a certain order.
the vista camera just fits! I used very thin double sided tape on the cam plates.

hard to find a 19mm camera, top mount battery 2.5" frame these days with toothpicks dominating the micro scene for the last two years...this one fit the bill.

the frame is not the lightest at 26g but is quite beefy. Final weight at 89 puts it around babyhawk-r weights...much heavier than those popular toothpicks but if I recall correctly, the heavy babyhawk-r with 2.5" was really really nice to throw around in the air. Hoping this will be similar...with the added benefit of a top-mount battery

watch this space for maiden footage

Youtube playlist of all flights on this build

--26 Feb 2021
maiden flight - it flies fantastic! with the 2512 props the throttle is super linear with tons of resolution which is soooo nice to have. a bit lacking at the top end though, probably a 4s pack will solve that. for now a 450mah 3s gives a solid 3min flight which is perfect.

--28 Feb 2021
solid session in today with over 10 packs into this quad. I think it is currently my favourite!
one pack from today, it's actually a half pack:

--1 Mar 2021
tried it out on 4s. It's awesome. Power is perfect now...still very linear and the added torque makes it even more locked in. Due to the added weight and higher RPM it's quite a bit louder though...especially at the top end...quite the screamer! with saggy 2 year old 450mah 4s packs I'm getting just under 3 min

--13 August 2021
put on bluejay ESC firmware to get 48khz pwm updates and bi-directional support for some rpm filter action. Getting even better response now as well as battery life bump! its got the Emax Avan 2.5" props on here...quieter and fast top end but less efficient. I still prefer the throttle resolution of the 2512 gemfans.

--26 January 2024
it's been a minute since this things been in the air! picked up a controller 2 so now I can fly this thing again on the goggles 2 without adding a receiver which this would really struggle to fit. here is a pack from the first time out



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yohfpv   Jan 19, 2022  

Fantastic build. I really like it. Are the motors not getting too hot, being such a high kv on 4s?

daich   Jan 19, 2022 

You know, I don't recall them being hot but I don't specifically remember checking them. Ive flown so many packs through it, it's probably fine :P
Next time it goes up, I'll make sure I check.

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