By K24cl9 on Feb 23, 2017

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The Swirlie. Another brushless micro quad from the guys at the Short Crayon and Winder Wonder Works. Motor to motor this is the same size as a Tiny Whoop, but with 2s power (or 3s) and brushless motors you have a ton more torque than a Tiny Whoop could ever dream of. Check out my short build log and test flights. More flight footage will be on the channel soon.



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tch   Mar 25, 2017  

Can you go 10000 kV with the 1935 props for more thrust?

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tch   Mar 25, 2017 

I imagine 3S is not doable though.

K24cl9   Mar 28, 2017 

Oh no. Your motors will come down volcano hot.

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