1S Toothpick v4 (3" / 27.5g) - Exploring the limits of 1S Cont..

By alwaysbless on Mar 13, 2021

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The final chapter in my series of 1S Toothpick / Ultralight builds. Ive recently switched to digital so my analog stuff wont be getting much play time anymore. This thing has pretty much been optimized to the point of perfection anyways so Im totally happy with calling this the final revision. Detailed specs have been updated below and keep an eye out for my 'Digipick' build coming soon.

Changes in v4:

1) FC has been upgraded to the Happymodel Diamond F4 AIO with Integrated RX/VTX - RX now supports removable IPEX antenna and VTX now has a max 200mW transmission power
2) Switched frames to the PicklePick 3" with 3 hole motor mount - 1.5mm thickness for best weight savings or 2-3mm for extra durability
3) Switched motors to GERPC 1102 14000KV (3 hole w/ 1.5mm shaft) - Better compatibility w/ press fit props and uses smaller/lighter m1.4 bolts instead of m2

Build Notes:

1) This frame has no rear mounting post so the Diamond F4 FC fits perfect due to its triangular shape. However it will require that you flip the FC so that USB is facing up otherwise if you leave the USB facing down it will only be supported by 2 of 3 mounting posts.
2) You will want to be sure to use m1.4 bolts with at least a 3-4mm height that way they can thread in deep enough to keep the motors secure
3) Solder pads for motors are not evenly placed so cutting motor wires to length might be easier for some (Plus youll probably shave off another ~.3-.5g)


1) Per Joe Euclid creator of the JESC FW and BF Dev - w/ F411 CPUs running the 48khz mod its best to use 4k/4k Gyro/Pid Loop Update frequencies and DSHOT 300 (https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=43609211&postcount=1028)
2) Since the FC is flipped/rotated you will need to do resource mapping in order to change motor layout to match the FC's orientation (https://oscarliang.com/betaflight-resource-remapping/)

Flight Footage:



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BlackHawk1912   May 28, 2021  

How are the ESCs with only 5A are holding up? I always thought for a toothpick with big props you would need a lot more current.

XanKrieg0r   Apr 27, 2021  

As i can see you just tucked VTX antenna under the board. How is your video quality?

alwaysbless   Apr 27, 2021 

I fly it mostly in close proximity so signal is solid

XanKrieg0r   Apr 28, 2021  
Yinka_Brasil   Apr 08, 2021  

Cool. Very Cool. Was about to ask, where's the rx antenna then realized it comes with the board(SPI), though I'm still wondering where you stuffed the vtx antenna. So how is Happymodel's claim of 200mw on such an insanely compact fc?

fw42   Mar 27, 2021  

Pretty awesome! Do you find the 1102 motors are good enough for this build? Are you using 10.000 or 14.000 kv? Can you tell much of a difference between 1202.5?

alwaysbless   Mar 30, 2021 

14,000kv is much preferred for me then the slower slightly torquier 1202 motors. They also weigh less and do not feel overpropped with 3" bi blades at all. Makes a nice combo.

FPVisioning   Mar 17, 2021  

Can an 18650 be used with this build?

alwaysbless   Mar 17, 2021 

I dont see why not its 4.2v so should work with 1s. The weight of the battery would be my primary concern.

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