Prototype 10" macro quad [1]

By cjdavies on Apr 02, 2021

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A quick build using spare electronics to test my new custom frame designed for 20-25mm aluminium box section arms. Now that it's had a successful maiden flight, I will probably rebuild it slightly neater (motor wires within the arms, etc.) & perhaps with more modern electronics (BLHeli_32 ESCs, etc.).

The design methodology here was component/payload flexibility, rather than aesthetics or weight reduction. The base plate has 5 stack positions, all of which accept both 20x20 & 30.5x30.5 electronics, plus additional mounting holes for a standard Pixhawk Cube carrier board. There are 1/4" sized holes & strap slots on the front/rear of the base plate for underslung payloads on regular tripod bolts or battery straps & the whole of the top plate is perforated with similar 1/4" holes (like a cinema camera cheese plate). The bottom brace also has stack mounting holes & 1/4" holes for bottom mounted payloads perfectly on the CG. There are additional 2mm holes at front & rear of both the base plate & the top plate for standard micro camera brackets, plus some extra 3mm holes for antenna tubes, GPS mounts, etc.

Arms & motor mounts use M4 hardware, motor mounts are intentionally oriented to point the wires diagnonally so as not to block the mounting holes that fix the mounts to the arms.

The dual XT60 connectors are wired in parallel; most of my builds still use 4S, so it's more convenient for me to simply use the 4S packs I already have in parallel pairs, rather than investing in new 6S packs to use with the lower kv version of these same motors.



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upioneer   12 days ago  

interesting build! like the arm idea

cjdavies   2 days ago 

Way stronger than hardwood dowel, but way cheaper (& easier to machine) than roll-wrapped square carbon rods. Only drawback is they're heavy.

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